“I will donate a large part of my assets to charity” (124 billion) –

Amazon billionaire founder Jeff BezosHe plans to give much of his fortune to charity. At least, as the businessman himself declared during an exclusive interview with CNN. Over the course of his life, Jeff Bezos amassed a fortune of $124 billion, initially From the idea of ​​an online bookstore and turning Amazon into a planetary giant of online commerce. He told US television network that he intends to invest a significant amount in fighting climate change and supporting those who can unite humanity at a time of deep social and political divisions.


The interview, conducted by journalist Chloe Millas, took place at her Washington, D.C. home, where Bezos spoke with his partner (ex-journalist and philanthropist), Lauren Sanchez, saying that together they are trying to figure out how to donate money or which tool to use. Some of his fellow Scrooge, Bill Gates, for example, use charities to turn huge profits accumulated over decades into acts of common good.
And anyway, for a direct question If he intended to donate most of his fortune over the course of his life, Bezos answered: Yes. The hard part, added the famous entrepreneur, is figuring out how to do it. not easy. I find that charitable work is not easy. the interview, It was first released by the couple since they started dating in 2019held in the context of the Bezos Award for Courage and Civility, presented in this version to the queen of country music Dolly Parton, for which she received a check for $ 100 million.

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Bezos and philanthropy

Although he has never made official statements on the matter and has even been criticized for not signing or participating in the Geffen Pledge (a campaign intended to encourage celebrities and wealthy people to contribute most of their fortunes to charity), Jeff Bezos is not entirely new to the world of philanthropy. . In fact, last year the billionaire already allocated $ 10 billion – Equivalent to 8% of its current assets – to combat climate change e Conservation of nature through the Bezos Earth Fund project, of which he has been president since he resigned as CEO of Amazon (but still owns 10% of the capital). Of this amount, $100 million is earmarked to support the Environmental Defense Fund’s MethaneSAT, a satellite that will detect and measure sources of methane pollution worldwide. Among the priorities Basically there is a reduction in the environmental footprint of carbon, concrete and structural steel, creating mapping tools and techniques for monitoring carbon emissions and building natural plant carbon sinks on a large scale. How and when the donation announced by Bezos will be made, is not yet revealed.

Ranking fanatics of the world

Meanwhile, the ranking of the world’s richest men has undergone several changes in recent months. Jeff Bezos is “only” in fourth place, behind him Elon Musk (Tesla founder and new head of Twitter, debuts at $203 billion), Bernard Arnault (founder, president and CEO of LVMH, 138 billion) and Gautam Adani (chairman and founder of Indian group Adani, 125 billion). Moreover, Nutella outperformed Facebook. if by the hand Mark Zuckerberg has to deal with a declining empire – which suffered a decline of $90 billion in one year – which made him 29th, Giovanni Ferrero, patron of the confectionery company of the same name, is not only the richest man in Italy but since November 1 has covered the 21st place in the world rankings with assets of $38.6 billion.

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