“I was attacked and bitten by 20 otters, I thought I was going to die,” the story of the attack in Singapore

A British man who took a morning walk in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens said he was attacked by a herd of wild otters and eventually sustained 26 injuries to his buttocks, legs and toes. Graham Spencer, 60, was walking at 6 a.m. as usual in the gardens when a herd of about 20 otters set him up, causing him to fall and at which point trampled him and his member all over.

“Everything lasted about 10 or 12 seconds, and I couldn’t move…I thought I was going to die. “If I cut my face or neck, I would definitely die,” the man told Reuters. Spencer was able to free himself when a friend of his ran to help as he shouted at the escaping otters.

Animal welfare groups said otters rarely attack humans unless they feel threatened. That’s why Spencer thinks the animals mistook him for a runner who overran him, and trampled on one of the animals in the dim early morning light.

Spencer, who has lived in Singapore for years, said he hoped authorities would take measures to improve lighting along the path in the gardens. “I weigh 90 kilos, and I wouldn’t have been able to get up without my friend’s help,” Spencer said.

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