“I wanted to see people die,” these horrific words from the author of the New York shootings

“I wanted to see people die instantly in front of my damn face”. talk Frank JamesThe 62-year-old is suspected of opening fire on passengers Subway in BrooklynIn one of the many videos he posted on social media. “I’ve done so much bullshit that I can say I wanted to kill people. I wanted to see people die in front of my damn face”, He said in his latest video uploaded on April 11, stressing that he does not want to go In what silly prison? In another video uploaded in March, Newsweek reported that he claims to be standing “Back into the danger zone, so to speak, I bring up a lot of negative thoughts.”

Frank James: “I suffer from PTSD”

James revealed that he was being treated for mental health reasons at a clinic in New York, but he had more problems than before. I suffer from a severe case of PTSD after everything I’ve been through over the years.” In other videos, the man claimed that whites viewed blacks as slaves and “They shouldn’t have any contact with each other”while he was using it on his Facebook profile Profitofdoom008 racist terms for referring to the Mexican people and threatening to shoot a man he believed had offended him. News of the arrest was circulated, but ABC actually denied it.

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