“I want football in Savoy. Happy the Meloni government and La Rosa’s idea to celebrate the Italian kingdom »-

Interview with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia: “Proceeding with the lawsuit with the Bank of Italy regarding family jewels. Meloni government? A turning point for Italy, I thank the President of the Senate. Back to politics? No, I do it another way. And I’m thinking about the Metaverse business.”

“Politics? No thanks now I want to relaunch historical football in Savoy I am thinking about the future of the Metaverse with French and American partners.”

Emmanuel Filiberto de Savoia, heir to Vittorio Emanuele, son of the last king of Italy, Umberto II, does not hide his satisfaction, however: “I do not deny that I Very happy with the new Meloni governmentCompetent ministers and I hope this is the time for political and economic change for Italy. I was pleased that the new President of the Senate, Ignazio La Rosa, had proposed celebrating Savoy’s role in the country’s history when he said in his first address to the Senate:The date of birth of the Kingdom of Italy Sooner or later he will have to rise to a level National DayIn short, on March 17, 1861, the Kingdom of Italy and the role of Savoy in the history of this country were proclaimed worthy of the attention it deserves.

Have you spoken to President La Rosa before?

“No, we didn’t talk to each other that night. But I’ve known La Rosa for a long time, we’re friends and we’ve often run into each other – especially when I ran for the European elections ».

Is there no temptation to politics now that there is a government that the Savoys look upon with sympathy?

My European nomination years ago was a mistake – or rather: the timing was wrong. I now understood that there was a different way of doing Savoy politics: with the regimes of our dynasties which are this year 450 years old and have been close to those in need for more than four centuries, in different ways.”

Meloni’s government, the first women-led government. Like the house of Savoy, which by decree of her father, for the first time in a thousand years, it will be led by a woman: her daughter, Vittoria de Savoia.

“It is not a question of gender, but of ability: Hassan Meloni, the new Prime Minister of Italy. As for my daughter, it was an anachronism not to give the firstborn, of any gender, the right to rule. And the future of the European kingdoms, if you look at the new heirs to the throne, will be all pink.”

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Except for the UK; Little George. Will you go to the coronation of King Charles III on May 6?

“If you are invited.”

Meanwhile, he is applying to take charge of the Savoia Football Club from Torre Annunziata in Campania. Because?

“I have been following the sports club closely for two years, I was shocked when I came back to Italy for the first time and met the club: they gave me their shirt … And the fact that they never changed this shirt, that name, I was pleased here. How painful it is to see the Camorra, the scandals and the arrests that It followed, staining those colors, those colors of the oldest sports club in the center and the south.”

what are you up to?
“On November 9, I will be in Torre Annunziata to meet the current management and the fans and present our proposal. I have identified three people with whom we will try to give Savoy a future of a clean sports club: Nazario Mattaccione, engineer Roberto Passariello and Marco Limoncelli. Mattaccione, who is known for his entrepreneurial skills, despite some initial bewilderment, eventually decided to stay close to me for exclusive technical assistance thanks to the experience gained in this sector. Passariello is an expert in international certification, anti-doping and clean sport. As for Limocelli, it comes from financing. Also with us is attorney Elio D’Aquino, the guarantor of maximum transparency and legality: he will have a mission to keep Camorra and crime at bay. Indeed, with Savoia 1908 (currently 12th in Group A for Excellence) I would also like to start a project to keep youth away from crime.”

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Specifically, what is on your mind for young people?

“If our business proposal is accepted, we also want to create a sports center for young people, to bring them together and keep them away from crime.”

There is a new Minister of Sports, Andrea Abode. Do you know each other?

“No, but he is known for his great competence in sports and I trust him to support the project.”

Speaking about the government and the House of Savoy, he discussed with former Prime Minister Mario Draghi the return of the Savoy jewels to the Bank of Italy. Currently?

“Now, with great regret, we are in legal proceedings. Because despite the excellent agreement with Draghi, the Bank of Italy has not given us any other choice. And we will continue.”

Is your restaurant project ongoing in the United States?

“Yes. And for the truth, I am now very busy with a new entrepreneurial initiative that I will launch in 2023, in the world of web 3 ».

Metaverse and the ocean: what is it?

“A pioneering project that looks forward to new generations, very clear: it will have to do with the Metaverse, it will be an incubator but also a game, and it will have something to do with NFT.”

Alone or with other partners?

“With French partners (producer Jean-Claude Sender) as well as Americans (banker Daniel J. McCrory). I will lead the project Roya Land It’s the name we’re testing it with – as co-founder and CEO. Within a year, the company will have an Italian office and another in the United States.”

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