“I vaccinated AstraZeneca and got Delta type. But for the application, I will be free to go out »-

two doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine Despite everything, the surprise: those infected with delta variableA month after the second injection. For teacher Chiara Fossey, 48, the past month has been tiring. Quarantined with unpleasant symptoms, she is locked up at home with her husband and two children, aged 14 and 11: They have been infected, too, but have not yet been vaccinated. For Chiara, the irony: “On the Immuni app since I got my second dose of the vaccine, I got the EU digital covid certificate which is valid as a green pass. Nothing came of the quarantine and positive smears – he says -. Obviously I I was isolated, but a person with less sense of citizenship in this green lane could have gone anywhere. But what is the value of a certificate that is not updated when a vaccination falls ill?”

The other problem is thereAnd unclear signs. “My 11-year-old pediatrician wrote to me that we won’t be able to get out of quarantine until everyone gets a negative swab, in fact after 21 days the green light went out for my son who has yet to do any results.” Chiara concludes: “It is essential that we all get vaccinated, as well as make sure that our children start school face to face. If we are not all vaccinated, not even those who are vaccinated will be fully protected.”

July 21, 2021 | 07:52

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