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The singer said that she suffers from this disorder, which also causes her a lot of nausea. “Thank you to those who are concerned about my health. I’m already better now.”

Elisa Toffoli had to postpone several concerts due to a certain health issue. She told it herself, on her Instagram profile stories. “Something very strange happened to me, which had never happened to me in my whole life,” he said, “I got this paroxysmal positional vertigo.” This is actually a common disorder that causes short episodes of vertigo: a false sense of movement or that everything is spinning around. This is a response to movements head that stimulates the posterior semicircular canal of the inner ear. Fortunately, nothing dangerous,” the singer resumed, “and it also seems to be viral because we’ve taken it with so many people, these days and they all have the same symptoms, so it’s something we’ve been through. The symptoms haven’t lasted for a while.” Long, but the first 24 hours felt like a carnival. Then I felt dizzy and nauseous.”

Symptoms improve

There was also a joking moment, in her videos, when the singer declared: “At first we thought about labyrinthitis… It would have been amazing if Elisa had developed labyrinthitis…”. Ref is Labyrinth, the 1997 song he released. And then the most painful moment: the one in which he explains that he had to cancel some concerts. “The doctor advised me to wait so as not to risk relapses. For this reason, with a heavy weight on me, I also had to transfer the dates of Florence. I’m so sorry for the people who caused me an inconvenience, it’s really unfortunate but I hope to see you again at the concerts you relocated in January. To resume my journey from Rome. Thank you to everyone who wished me success and to all the people who are worried about me and my health.

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