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I Shoot You Goals for Expansion – Press Release – Emilia Romagna

Ti Lancio news agency, edited by Frogs, is considering and working on a 2022 expansion. Indeed, in this new year, the agency with its head office in Resia (Ud) and a branch in Emilia will open a correspondence office in Turin, Rome and Palermo. The vision behind it: telling the story of Italian SMEs, from North to South, and giving voice to the reality of small and very small entrepreneurship, of which Italy is so rich. Ti Lancio has signed a research contract with the University of Udine: in 2022, a team of researchers, coordinated by Professor Loro Snedaro, will work on the algorithm already owned by Frogs, which will be implemented with the application of artificial intelligence.

“A stimulating project, which will allow us to work in one of the most fascinating branches of artificial intelligence, which is related to the analysis and understanding of natural language. Recent developments in the field of neural networks have made it possible to take giant steps in a long journey of research aimed at giving
Computer accuracy skills typical of human intelligence. This collaboration will allow us to work on press reports to assess their quality and honesty, and hopefully, to reach important results.”

Frogs isn’t missing out on the US either, where the idea for the Launch Ti app and algorithm was envisioned five years ago. Indeed, in the spring of 2022, the news agency will return to America to conduct a journalistic investigation and open an external correspondent office.

Francesca Chinetti, Managing Director of Ti Lancio, explains that the attempt is to change, as much as possible, for better journalistic communication, aided by technology, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. To talk about United, about a dense network of small and micro, Italian and European companies.

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Ti Lancio also looks at Italian design. With a segment – prestige – Frogs Srl dedicates it to Italian artisan talent, and also strives to make it better and more known, in Italy, Europe and the United States.

The United States remains a very strong source of motivation and ideas. In Italy we build beauty, up to the news. Because even news can be composed and sewn with style. In the style of Ti Lancio, in our case ‘Schenetti concludes.

The new Ti Lancio location and a new graphic image are being studied.

Press Release – Editorial Responsibility FROOGS

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