“I ran away because they were destroying my mental health” –

Prince Harry fled to California with Meghan because the “toxic” British press was “destroying his mental health”: it was the dramatic attack that Diana’s son had launched on the media during an unrestricted interview broadcast last night on American television.

The famous conductor, James Corden, was pretty much interviewed on an open-top bus around Los Angeles: and Harry at some point even “rap” On the notes for the main song “Prince of Bel-Air”, the TV series with Will Smith. It was a surprising public release, which somehow “burned” Megan and Harry’s highly publicized TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, Queen of America’s talk shows, already recorded and will air March 7: a confession about which she has already advised the royal family to “hide behind the sofa.”

And the taste that happened last night confirms that the Dukes of Sussex no longer have any contraindications. Harry denied that their escape was an escape: “I took a step back. It was a really difficult environment and did what any parent or husband would do. And I thought,“ How do I get my family out of there? ”Harry also revealed that he had multiple video calls on Zoom with the Queen and Prince Philip And that His wife Megan secretly calls him “Haz.”. Then he added that his son Archie had made him die of laughter and that his first word was “crocodile”.

The prince admitted that he watched the TV series “the crown” But he had to defend Netflix, which produced it, from accusations of inaccuracy: after all, the Sussexes signed a $ 100 million contract with Netflix. Harry therefore argued that the series “is not entirely accurate but rather gives insight into the kind of life and stress that comes with placing duty and service above everything else.” In this regard, it must be remembered that the Dukes of Sussex were just denied any public role in the royal family: a decision to which they responded with an insulting statement against the Queen, to whom they had the audacity to respond to “Universal Service”. Also in an interview last night, Harry said, “My life is a public service, so wherever I am in the world it will be the same.” Even if it is not clear how the decision to embark on a whole series of profitable businesses fits into the idea of ​​public service. The timing of this TV release has also been criticized. Last night, the Queen gave a sensational speech, speaking publicly, via video, about the need to be vaccinated without hesitation: But meeting Harry now risks hiding his words.

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February 26, 2021 (Change to February 26, 2021 | 14:43)

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