I played Monster Energy Supercross 6 as a total newbie and I enjoyed it too

We always talk about video games for the world on four wheels, but let’s not forget that there is a game Very strong video game fan base also for two wheelsAnd not just MotoGP. I have received a copy of Monster Energy Supercross 6 (official address: Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game 6), the latest edition of this successful series that represents Italian pride all over the world.

As far as the famous US Championship simulation allows, Monster Energy Supercross 6 has been developed by Milestone, a very Italian software company, based in Via Olona in Milan. It took me 2 months to play the title, because I’m new to the series, never played it before, and above all I had no idea how to drive a motocross bike, not even with a PC controller. And yes, I enjoyed it too!

If you want to do that too, Monster Energy Supercross 6 is available on Steam for $49.99. And if you want to make up for lost time, there are also previous titles on the same platform.

The menu is very nice, colorful, modern yet very intuitive with block split screen

monster energy supercross 6
Proof that it doesn’t take much to create attractive graphics but intuitive menus

The amazing thing is the many possibilities of the game, beginning with Career Mode, where you learn to drive under the guidance of Jeremy McGrath, one of the legends of this tournament

I don’t know why my avatar gets angry

Precisely because the developers also know that everyone can play it, they introduced Showtime mode

monster energy supercross 6
Showtime is a “heaven-sent” mode, because it offers tips and tricks on how to ride better. And believe me, it is not easy at all

However, the profession is the main factor. Here, you leave aside the official 80 contestants and make your own

In Career, you can always customize everything: position in the standings, daily results, and even rivals

Everything, absolutely everything, is customizable: name, nationality, buttons and physical appearance

As much fun as it was to create a black version of myself, but with blue eyes, I eventually settled on something more realistic, as shown above

And of course, you can also choose your own bike

I was very much geared towards the Husqvarna, but then, in my inability, I opted for the more manageable Yamaha

With that all done, we’re ready to get started. There are different types of tracks, from closed to fully synthetic…

monster energy supercross 6
Showtime is a “heaven-sent” mode, because it offers tips and tricks on how to ride better. And believe me, it is not easy at all

…to those obtained in wonderful natural contexts, my favourite

monster energy supercross 6
It is perhaps more noticeable here that the graphics are not the strong point of this game

Before starting, it is always possible to adjust the bike setup and adapt it to the context

Trim is everything. Milestone has worked on a physics engine and for this you have to play with balance. The slightest distraction leads to a huge error

The beginning was very triumphant, and everyone starts from the same line

In the graphics, however, a good level of detail must be admitted: note the realism of the suit when the pilot is in motion

After the start, the fun begins. Meaning it starts to fall off

Watch the phenomenon…

But when you get carried away, everything becomes more fun.

You can choose the view mode, both classic and from the pilot’s point of view. In the latter, vertigo is guaranteed

For example, look at the jump I made here!

monster energy supercross 6
Needless to say I pulled it off but it didn’t last long

Such actions, or like drifting, increase your points and thus your reputation

monster energy supercross 6
And I have a reputation to stand up for!

It is worth noting that the profession is very time consuming and not easy

monster energy supercross 6
One of the career maps, a long and challenging tournament that touches many types of racetracks

But there are also many other modes, both for single player and with others connected

monster energy supercross 6

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And the possibility to create your own tracks, or download those that are a product of the imagination of others

monster energy supercross 6
Some have really vivid fantasies

Or there’s free roaming, so you can enjoy some free time at the Supercross Park

the most beautiful? Rhythm attack, which is also the novelty of the year. A tête-à-tête on a straight road, and may the best man win

You will say that I was not lucky to take advantage of the rain. But no, I chose to have it for a strong self-harm that characterizes me

Here the pilots are selected. For example, I played Frederick Noreen opposite Dean Wilson.

Sorry, Frederick, I can’t say I do you justice!

Obviously, we start from choosing the class that will affect the list of available drivers

You can also choose the many routes and weather conditions to add a little spice.

Better to leave them rain and mud when you get a little better

Monster Energy Supercross 6 In short, it’s a fun discovery, a different way to play both alone and in multiplayer, where it’s good to challenge friends and have fun with a few simple bugs. As he explains Great commitment from Italy in video games (as we’ve already seen here) and in creating something that can satisfy everyone, from the super-enthusiast to the Sunday gamer who, like me, starts from 0 on two virtual wheels.


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