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The official deal proposal submitted by the Colombian singer’s lawyers to the ex-partner has been revealed. However, he absolutely does not want his children to leave Barcelona. The battle continues and is described as being destroyed by the cause

A new episode of the telenovela Piqu-Shakira, who broke up a little over a month ago after nearly 12 years of love. The latest updates were provided by the Spanish entertainment program via the website Chisme No Like (Gossip does not like it), which revealed that it had access to the official agreement proposal submitted by the Colombian singer’s lawyers to the former partner, the Barcelona defender. According to that document, Shakira He will propose to cover all Sasha and Milan maintenance expensesAnd a couple kids. The singer will also be ready for it Pay 20% of Piqu Debt, Which will amount to 2.5 million euros, and at least five first-class flights from Barcelona to Miami to Pico, to allow the player to visit his children in Miami.

Basically, as has already emerged in recent weeks, this is the legal battle between the two. On the other hand, Shakira wants to bid farewell to Barcelona, ​​as there is no one left in the Catalan city after the separation at the beginning of June. On the other hand, Biko, who has fallen into infidelity with a 22-year-old waitress, would like his children not to go to live in the United States, focusing on the connection between them and their paternal grandparents.

Also according to the Chisme No Like broadcast, it could also have been the subject of a private meeting between the two: There was a meeting between Shakira and Beck, face to face, with their lawyer – said journalist Jordi Martin -. From what they told me, it was a rather tense meeting. There was a discussion about where the children would live and with whom. They say Biko was very firm in not wanting to go live there Miami, arguing that it would be painful for children. In Spain, laws on this matter tend to protect the stability of youngsters, so it is conceivable that Shakira would have many difficulties in moving them to the United States. They assured me that Shakira came out wrecked – concluded the journalist -. They also told me that they are ready to formalize another proposal. In her opinion, it is not fair to stay in a city where there is nothing left for her. Settlement times are still long. The series is scheduled to continue for a longer period.

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