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The film tells the story of the love that was born between Michelle Robbins and future US President Barack Obama.

TV2000 Suggest a movie today I love you boss. It is a biographical film with a sentimental atmosphere.

production from United States of AmericaThe year of completion is 2016 and its duration is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I Love You The Chief Movie – Directing, and the protagonists, as it is shot

direction is Richard Fer. main heroes Barack Obama e Michelle Robinson Interpreted straight by Parker Sawers e Tika Sumter. Also in the cast Vanessa Bell Calloway in turn Marian Robinson.

Filmed in United States of America, especially a Chicago e at various locations dell’Illinois.

production from vermion movies In cooperation with Get Lifted Film CompanyAnd IM global e consummate media.

The original title is Southside is with you.

I love you the president movie where it was filmed

I love you boss – the plot of the film was broadcast on Tv2000

The plot tells the first date of the couple Barack Obama e Michelle Robinson. It stops shortly after the future president of United States of America And the future first lady kissed each other and began to hold hands.

We’re in the 80s, especially in the second half. the guy Barack Obama Study in Howard College of Law. After attending classes, he works as a summer assistant in a law firm in Chicago.

Here, in 1989, he falls in love with her Michelle RobinsonYoung lawyer and her supervisor in the office. One day, before the meeting, Barack Obama Find the courage to put it together. Brings Michelle in gallery Ernie Barnes In the Arts Center. Then they go together to a community where the future boss of United States of America give a speech.

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immediately after Barack ObamaTo complete a seemingly perfect afternoon, invite Michelle watching the movie Spike Lee by title “do the right thing“.

Final spoiler

At the end of the evening he invited her to eat ice cream at the sweet shop Baskin Robbins. It is here that the two exchange their first kiss.

The film hinges on these images stating that from that day forward, the two heroes would always be together and would have risen to the heights of American politics by doing so. Obama The first black president in history.

I love you boss final movie

I love you boss – the whole cast

Below is the film crew I love you boss And the characters played by the actors

  • Parker Sawers: Barack Obama
  • Tika Sumter: Michelle Robinson
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway: Marian Robinson
  • Philip Edward van Leer: Fraser C Robinson
  • Diana Red Foster: Bernadette
  • Jerrod Hines: Tommy
  • Gabriel Lott Rogers: mate
  • Tom McLaurin: Avery Goodman
  • Tyler Fondren: Janice
  • Don Carl Harper: Curtis
  • Preston Tate Jr.: Kyle

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