“I love the boys’ spirit, we won’t be content with what we’ve achieved.” – OA Sport

Once again a great performance Thus, Setibelo achieved the fifth victory in the most matches in the qualifying trip to the 2023 World Cup. beat the USA 16-10 At the end of a match that, after the initial bars, never got out of hand, the blues.

The best player of the match was still Edoardo Di Somma, a five-pointer author for the second time in a row who greatly influenced the final score. Also satisfied CT Sandro Campana And then analyze what we saw today and in the matches of this track.

These are the words collected from the FIN website: “This victory seals a good path as we have improved in all stages from defense to attack. Today we also saw some valuable solutions up front. We had a lot of sending offs but we defended the team. I like the spirit with which we face the kids, from the youngest to the most experienced.”

“There is cohesion in the group and we know where we can improve. Good plays are good girls but we must not be satisfied with what we have achieved. It is moving forward step by step. The next team will be in April, and then we will finish the preparations for the Japanese World Championships with the middle stage of the finals in Los Angeles”.

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