I hope Eddie Guerrero sees us today.

Rome – Fifteen years ago, when wrestling in Italy was in the midst of a second television boom, in Royal Rumble Deal 2006 Officially born star, that Mister King. Wrestler from Chula Vista (San Diego, California), at that time already four years in WWE And very famous around the world for his acrobatic style (typical of Mexican luchadors) and his conviction, on that occasion he managed to surprise the Royal Rumble. He did so despite being the youngest participant and entered with # 2 (so from the start, with # 1). And above all, he got this result after only two months The tragic death of his great friend Eddie GuerreroIt is no coincidence that he praised the occasion, entering the Latino Hit. A lifetime has passed since then, but Rey Mysterio is still around, in the arena making a show.

Rey Mysterio, legend "Master 619"

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Rey Mysterio, the legend of “The Master of the 619”

Exclusive Rey Mysterio

Now he’s getting ready for the new Royal Rumble, that one Will take place overnight between Sunday January 31 and Monday February 1 (WWE Network Live Exclusive). To deliver this event, Syed was awarded 619 Exclusive interview with Corriere dello Sport: “Compared to that era, wrestling has changed a lot. Sometimes I wish Eddie was still here so he could see what we were a part of at the time. Because that’s where the change started, in the mid-1990s. For fans to see men like Eddie, Chris Jericho, Anna, Psychosis, Juventud, Conan and a whole bunch of wrestlers who have become stars in Mexico and have now crossed the border, have had a huge impact on the USA wrestling world. It was something much bigger than that. I think over the years the pace has changed, and now it’s much faster, the movements are much nicer and the bodies aren’t necessarily for the big guy. Now they are smaller, they are much fitter and thinner. While we knew it would happen sooner or later, we are living it today“.

Aya Royal Rumble

And now Dominic’s son, Rey Mysterio, belongs to all of this Announces her participation in the Royal Rumble Match: “This time, I won’t be alone. The news is, my son Dominic will be there too. We’ll be there, who knows what might happenAnything can happen, it’s part of the game when you face one of the most amazing and memorable matches ever in the wrestling world:This type of match is difficult to prepare. There’s really no way, because first you don’t know what the other opponents might be. You can prepare yourself for 25 of them, but 4 there may be surprises that may not be in the ring for some time and you may be kicked out by one of them. So it’s really hard to prepare. I think the only thing you can do is try to stay in the ring and adapt to difference Patterns. So you can figure out what to do and what not to do, but overall I think the only thing that is possible is adaptation“.

The most beautiful moment

Specifically to the Royal Rumble, which she won in 2006, linked The best moment of your career Written by Rey Mysterio:sI knew that behind this victory there was something bigger coming that would remain engraved in people’s memories. Not only did Rey Mysterio win the Royal Rumble, she also became the fighter who managed to make it happen by staying longer in the match, so it was an extra spark. Why did you get more than an hour in the ring? It is destiny and this is what the adults do. They make sure that not only do they leave their footprints but take the title they’ve been waiting for, but something is sticking with it. For me it was winning in Rumble by staying longer than everyone else and then going to Wrestlemania to become world champion. With my height, weight, and legacy, for being Latino, it was amazing to be there on par with the biggest wrestlers.“.

WWE Royal Rumble 2020: I'm Tereon, in De Drew McIntyre e Charlotte Flair

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WWE Royal Rumble 2020: I’m Tereon, in De Drew McIntyre e Charlotte Flair

Relationship with Dominic

It often happens in the world of wrestling that this emotion is transmitted from father to son. The fact that Ray and Dominic are now fighting together is additional confirmation of this: “I didn’t know my son wanted to fight until he turned 19 and started training. There I saw that he had a spark, a future in this business. The more he trained, the faster he began learning. Then I remember saying, “Wow, imagine one day you can fight together.” And then, of course, it came from imagining fighting against each other. So, these two ideas have thought many times and talked about them … We tested one of them after his debut against Seth Rollins, when we first fought together. Now it is all about understanding what will happen when we encounter each other. It will be an experiment against young people, and we’ll see what happens. It will be very interesting“.

Greetings with Milinkovic

A year ago Rey Mysterio starred in a funny movie Exchange greetings with Lazio player Serge Milinkovic. Here’s how this initiative was born:All thanks to WWE. On the other hand, they knew that I am a huge fan of football, and so is my father. I actually grew up watching football with him, even though he loves Mexican teams more than anything. But we’ve also looked at European football, particularly Spanish football. It feels good to be able to share this passion with your father, as I do now with my son. For me it was football, for Dominic it was wrestling. Together we watch athletes all over the world. I had my first impact with Italian football in years, when I came to Italy and met Mauro Icardi, while he was playing for Inter. He is a huge fan of wrestling. I was really touched afterwards to see his success on the fieldOh “.

The mysterious king greets Milinkovic: "Great sergeant"

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Rey Mysterio greets Milinkovic: “The Great Sergeant”

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