“I had suggested that he return to Juventus…”

Paul Pogba Already recovered Juventus. The Frenchman’s return to Turin six years after another, but it turned out she was not happy, that return to Manchester United, gave the impression that the “octopus” never left. From understanding with Allegri to that with old companions, even the welcome he received fans And the good feeling that was born with players who did not share the first French Juventus experience.

Pogba and the Italian: “The cook saved me…”

In an interview by Dozen Pogba, he made no secret of his joy and passion for “Homecoming”, at the end of a trip, regardless of world title He won with France in 2018, and did not satisfy Paul much: “I am so happy to be back, everyone immediately made me feel at home. Did Allegri find me different? The coach is always the same, he is always on the right track, I am no longer 22 years old, when you have a family you have other responsibilities and you learn many things, it is life that teaches you. Physically I am organized and have more muscle“. Also goodlinguistic influence With an Italian who chews really well. But here Pogba unleashes his secret…: “I did not forget the Italian, but what I lost. My cook was Italian, I took it with me and a few words stayed with me. “Risotto”, “truffle”, “pasta”…“.

Juventus, a social party after their first win of the season

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Juventus, a social party after their first win of the season

Pogba baptizes Locatelli: “For me, it’s an ‘excellent class'”

Then Pogba talked about the relationships created within Closed rooms:Vlahovich shocked me, he is very strong, I call him Du-du, he is easier than Dusan … Even Chiesa impressed me when I saw him, he is very young and talented. Who is Maria? Fede is a very strong player, you know what he wants to do, but you never manage to catch him when he goes to the left, touches the ball a few times, it’s a phenomenon.” Also space for the new teammate… in midfield, Manuel Locatelli: “Luca is great, I call him ‘Super Class’ because he plays with the class and he has a lot of them even outside, for the way he dresses and moves.“.

“Dybala is happy with his arrival in Rome”

Finally, Hamm revealed Paulo Dybala, with whom Pogba spoke even a few hours before his move to Rome , Trying to get him to change his mind…:”I talked a lot with Paolo, I asked him why he didn’t stay here to play a little more, he replied that he was already gone and that I had to call him first… But we always joked… I want him to be happy, I was glad I chose to go to Rome“.

Di Maria and his companion, Pogba teases him and Nedved laughs

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Di Maria and his companion, Pogba teases him and Nedved laughs

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