“I got to the World Cup and I’m ready. In the Olympics? Beware the new faces” – OA Sport

After winning the second world title of his career, a few weeks ago in Osijek, in A statement that also coincided with Italy’s acquisition of Olympic Charter for Paris 2024, Diana Bakossey, Queen of Planetary Women’s Skeet, He assessed the situation on what happened and what could happen in the next two years.

Interview by the official website of the Italian Shooting FederationUmbrian (Olympic champion in Rio 2016 and co-champion in Tokyo), has expressed herself on various issues.

in the world Cup: “I definitely made it to this World Cup so prepared after the disappointment of the European Championship that I almost won the card. The Europeans already produced a lot of bitterness, but it actually also unleashed a bit of competitive badness. My main and stated goal of the World Cup was to get in To the semi-finals and the final and then winning the Paris ticket. Honestly, this time I didn’t think too much about the fact that I was in the semi-finals and what that semi-final was like. Let’s say instead that I focused my attention on the fact that there was an excellent chance of grabbing it due to a favorable situation: In running to the final, there was the Englishman Amber Hill who already owned the card. They were two athletes from the United States, and therefore the card could have been awarded to only one player if both of them had also finished first. But surely, I had prepared a lot for the final and above all Something, in the days leading up to the World Cup, I got into the right mental state.Then I also paid attention to some aspects that at first glance seem secondary: To give an example, Osijek is a certain field because the vision, especially for us in Skeet, is poor because The forest is in the background and conditions vary. Lots. With the change of light. That’s why I carefully selected eyeglass lenses.”

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About training conditions and qualification stage: “First of all, we had the opportunity to test a little at the factory where we would compete next. On top of that, the qualifying race was tough because we all knew the margin for error had to be very low. Zero per series was all that could be saved, though From the fact that due to the difficulties of the system, the probability of making mistakes was always very high throughout the race. I have always known that making more than one mistake in each series could have put the race at risk and end up falling out of the top eight.”

Finally, on the scenario regarding the possibility of qualifying other European colleagues for the next Olympics, Diana Bakossi said: Certainly with the new regulations we will find a lot of new faces. Just keep in mind that the cards for Europe are few: over the course of next year, it will be ready to take over the Europeans, the World Championships, the European Games and then at the Grand Prix likely scheduled for 2024. So, from here for the Olympics, there are only four Other possibilities in perspective, and it’s too few to imagine that all European athletes with technical and competitive ranks from the Olympics would be able to snatch the promotion. To be clear, there will be some athletes who have occupied top positions in international competitions in recent years who will not be able to qualify. There will then be upgrades through the rankings, but at the moment the regulations do not allow us to understand which races will be considered and how many. Certainly, though, at least the world of women’s skeet would really be a new world compared to what we saw in Rio.”

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