“I dominated, but I still had margins”

Turin Santa Sofia delle Neve lifts the Downhill World Cup with eighth place in the nine races held. Goggia fails to win again, but in the finals in Soldeu, on a short highway with some bends and on a white surface that is more and more melted by the heat, he finishes second behind the very back Ilka Stuhec. high levels.? The Slovenian, two-time world champion and magician of sensitivity, was the last to succumb to the crushing force of Bergamaska’s decline, but the cup debate had already ended two weeks ago in Kvitfjell, with the conquest of fourth place (third in a row) by protagonist Sofia from another season of outdoing opponents but Also accidents and fears. In short, in Jogja.

However, despite a fracture in his left hand on the first descent of St. Moritz (second at the finish line by winning the second race 17 hours after undergoing surgery in Milan!), St. Anton Falls (Super-G) and Cortina (the next for the win) have accumulated 5 wins and 3 second places in nine races. The only disappointment was the World Championships in Meribel, where he slammed into the door in the closing stages of a negative match. Today in the Principality of Andorra competing with Val Gardena in the 2029 World Cup, Joggia pushed the big number, stopping just before it for a trip to the Austrian goal Nina Ortlieb and a goalkeeper from Stohk, but he showed a flash of class and extraordinary strength in the last corner, attacking and narrow like Alexander Amodt Kilde and his comrades who managed to do it an hour and a half ago. “I tried to do the best I could — Sophia comments already looking ahead, to the next few years — but I was just too plentiful on some tracks on a track that just wasn’t for me. I think there is still room for improvement. But now I’m enjoying this trophy, the result of a dominant season, with second place as the worst result barring a crash in Cortina. A cup that deserves a lot of commitment and many years of work.”

The men’s race (at the men’s and women’s cup finals on the same track on the same day) marked the third success of the season for Vincent Krechmayer, the only Austrian to do so this year who has been monopolized by the Norwegian and Michaela’s downhill friend. Shiffrin, “only” the sixth jointly with Mattia Casse but with a previously conquered binary crystal ball and today is lifted with Goggia. The best Italian Dominique Paris, fifth on the 27th from the top and 14th from the podium, is still very aggressive, moreover on soft snow. An inevitable mistake, paid dearly on a track that saw 14 athletes in one second. “The overall balance of the season is easy to do: I certainly could have done better” admits the champion from Val d’Ultimo, who is only 11th in the downhill standings even after Florian Scheder (10), with Casse sixth. Three women obliterate two podiums. This final race of the excellent Federica Brignoni, thrown straight off Goggia (and first by Lara Jute Behrami for 15 cents), but above all in the final classification of Elena Cortone, protagonist of bad landings and falls from the first jump (blow on the back and turn of the right knee badly) and Swiss Corinne Sutter surpassed her in third place by just one point. The worst way to stand out is in tomorrow’s Super-G (11.30, men’s 10), where Elena will start in the red apron and hold a 19-point lead over Gut-Behrami, 25 over Austrian Huetter and 26 over Norwegian Mowinckel for a bid to conquer the Specialty Trophy, his first .

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