“I discovered the tumor by chance, it was like an anomalous wave that flooded me” –

Laura BoldriniDemocrat MP, speaking for the first time since then The operation she underwent for a tumor in the femur. It does so in relation to the “Piazzapulita” in the La7 of the chassis Where it is cured: «It was like the wave that had overwhelmed me, the wave that took away all my certaintyIt makes you discover your weaknesses, your weaknesses, and all your priorities and then change. Now I am better but the road will be long, ”said Nest. “I have to thank a friend of mine who forced me to visit and so I found out Tumor that has been there for those who know how long” he added. “This is how I discovered the facts about oncology, and I am always in a position between pain and hopeThen he thanked the doctors and hospitals: “I hope this epidemic will make everyone understand that health is a common interest and an investment priority,” he said.

Announced April 8, With a long Facebook post, “breaking it” imposed by politics and the need for action: “Unfortunately, disease is part of life – He wrote – but you are never ready to face it. Tomorrow, I will be admitted to hospital to undergo surgery, and after that the path of treatment and rehabilitation awaits me. ” In 2016, when Laura Boldrini presided over the Montecitorio Association She had already had a tracheostomy In the Department of Endocrinology at the Cisanello Hospital in Pisa. Now this new test has said that he will face “a little fear” but also “with great confidence in who will work on me and I am also determined to strive to get back to normal in my life soon.” In an interview with Corriere Then he told the details of the operation at the Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna: “They cut 10 inches off the thigh bone And they put in place a titanium prosthesis with storage. The bones will grow back, but it won’t be a walk in the park. The positive thing is that they did not find any infiltration. ” Now her recovery period and physical therapy awaits “To take over even the smallest gestures again.”

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