“I coach an exceptional group. I want Milan at the top.”

Manchester (UK) – Technical MilanStefano Bioli, To Sky Sport microphones after the tie-for-off Manchester United In the first leg of the second round of European League: “Congratulations to the players. The team played with character, trying to lead the game and manage it well and suffer in difficult moments, knowing that the opponent has great qualities. This performance should give us great conviction. When United were drawn, I thought he was the right opponent for us because we are working on growth, to get Milan back to where it deserves, At the summit in Italy and Europe. In these games you have to ask yourself. We still have to win by passing the round because they are strong, and we have to play another match at another level to think that we can eliminate Manchester. “.

Bewley: “Casey didn’t touch the ball with her hand.”

On the canceled target a Casey: “I was off the bench, I just saw Frank’s awesome goal and the goal was giving us more power because we were the masters of the field. He assured me he didn’t touch the ball with his hand but the referee decided something else. There is a lot of satisfaction as I tell the players that I do not coach a normal group but that I am exceptional from all points of view. Tonight’s picture is team spirit and their desire to play games. With the way we play we must have a high level of application. Since September we have been playing a match every four days but they never give up. This is a defining moment for both the European League and the Championship. Liao You don’t have to pamper yourself but rather grow and keep playing. He is born with great quality and talent and I love his desire to be in the game, higher than last season“.

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