“I can’t wait to get into the cockpit.”

in the weekend Formula 1 Will return to racing in Austin on 2022 US Grand Prix and the Ferrari It will present itself with three drivers for the first time since 1976. Together with its owners Charles Leclerc And the Carlos Sainz There will also be a Russian Robert Schwartzman, who will take to the track in his first free training session in place of Monaco. The young driver for the red team, who grew up in the Ferrari Drivers’ Academy and this season as a Scuderia test driver, is making his debut in an official session.

Schwartzman He said he was very excited about the opportunity: “Austin track is one of the most interesting championship tracks and it is also very demanding. I never had the opportunity to shoot there, but I prepared myself to the max for the simulation. It runs with fast corners alternating with other more guided corners. There is also a very special turn 1. I can’t wait to get into the cockpit. 2022 was very different from other years because from the start the program was provided that I didn’t compete in any championships. In fact, I was recruited full time by the team, I did a lot of work on the simulator, and I should To say that I am very proud to have been useful to the team this season.”

“The experience gained this year has allowed me to learn a lot and I believe it has helped me become a more complete racer. Debuting at the official Formula 1 session as a Ferrari driver is a huge honor for me, and knowing that I am for the first time in many years gives an idea of ​​how special what I will be doing on Friday. I am obviously very excited and very curious to drive F1-75 for the first time so that I can compare the sensations in the simulation with those on the real track,” Russian concluded.

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