“I can’t get it out of my head”

RomeIn this first part of the season Ferrari He keeps replacing good things with less good ones, as happened in the last race held in Spain, in which Carlos Sainz He got an excellent second place on the grid starting point, only to finish the race in fifth place. The Spanish rider is doing everything he can to get back on the podium and is ready to reset it again to start thinking about Canada. SainzHowever, he has a worm in his mind that he still can’t remove, and this is the last one Australian Grand Prix.

Sainz: “The Australian Grand Prix put me on par”

pilot Ferrari, Carlos SainzDuring an interview with El Larguero, he went back to talking about what happened at the beginning of the season during the season Australian Grand Prixwhen Spaniards naively throw away precious points: “At the moment we are driving very well, but the car is not running at its best. I know how to move, the only race I could not get away with is Australia. There I stupidly lost points and that made me very conditional.”

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