“I asked guests at my 4-year-old daughter’s birthday party to give her money, not things. They called me ‘rude’: An Australian mum’s story

Story told by Daily Mail Australia

This story comes from Daily Mail Australia To entertain readers every day with events capable of sparking light discussion. The main feature is anonymity. Mother decided She asks money from guests at her 4-year-old daughter’s birthday party He told the story on social media. Open Heaven. There were many who called her “sassy”. My four-year-old daughter will soon be five and we are planning a birthday party for her. Is it okay to mention in the invitation that we prefer monetary contributions over gifts?the woman asked in one of the posts. “The goal is to give her a unique gift of her choice – he added – we only live in a two-bedroom apartment, so we don’t have room for a huge amount of toys.” reactions? “How rude. Asking for money makes the guests feel uncomfortable,”What a shame, what an embarrassment. Then at their age, the real joy is the opening presents “,” I have only heard of such a thing at weddings. There are gift boxes. Almost all of them gave cash or gift cards“,” Nice idea, also because they often receive things they don’t even look at or already have: it could be called an “anti-waste” party. What do you think?

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