“I am under investigation for assaulting Congress, and I expect to be arrested” –

The third indictment is coming for Donald Trump. The problems the ex-president faces may be more serious than the charges he faces in Florida (illegal theft of documents extremely confidential) in a federal proceeding but ruled by a local judge, Eileen Cannon, once appointed by the same former Republican president who He has previously demonstrated in his favor in judicial decisions taken in recent months. This time, in fact, the indictment will concern more serious facts: Trying to change the results of the November 2020 presidential vote and storming Congress on January 6, 2021an extreme attempt to prevent the formalization of the triumph Joe Biden. The events in Washington for which Trump should therefore be indicted in DC court. A court that has so far been very harsh in convicting championsAttack on Congress two years ago.

Trump himself provided news of the possible impeachment in a long, angry post social truthits digital platform. The former president wrote that on Sunday evening, after returning from an election event, he found a letter from an office Special Prosecutor Jack Smith (continues to call him a “deranged person”) who informs him that he is the target of a criminal investigation in connection with the events of January 6, 2021 and I asked him to appear before a grand jury in four days.

Before Trump blasts what he again describes as an “unprecedented witch hunt” orchestrated by the Justice Department on Biden (as the injustice says) who will be his opponent in the 2014 presidential election, he claims messages like the one he received for two days They always mean arrest and indictment.

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For the president it will be the third arrest and immediate release upon notification of the judicial procedure After New York crime for financial and tax crimes and Florida for illegal possession of confidential documents. The long-awaited indictment in Georgia will come after Trump asked election officials in that southern state to “find” the 11,780 votes he needed to beat Biden.

After serving two grand juries, it appears Atlanta (and Fulton County) District Attorney Fanny Willis is ready to formalize her charges: an attempt by Trump’s lawyer to obstruct the proceedings and move the case to another judge. It was rejected by a shocking decision made in just three days and unanimously by the Southern State Supreme Court.

In the case of the first federal indictment – the Florida case – the special prosecutor, Jack Smith He confirmed the actions and settled the charges shortly after Trump himself admitted to conducting an investigation. This time for the time being, the Special Prosecutor’s Office is keeping silent. Perhaps waiting to see if Trump chooses to appear before a grand jury.

According to experts who followed the parliamentary investigations on January 6, and based on the verdicts already passed against the congressional attackers, Presumably, Trump may be charged with corporate obstruction crimesConspiracy to commit government fraud, and possibly incite insurrection.

Federal investigators gathered evidence and leads through a slew of testimonies, including from former Trump collaborators. Among those very important were Rudy Giuliani (who lasted two days as the Corriere reported yesterday in the China American Daily Newsletter) and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband.

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Testimonies that will not necessarily always turn against him: to come to a conviction It will have to be proven that Trump knew he lost the election. And if many witnesses reported to this effect, Kushner, as far as we know, confirmed that the then-president was convinced that he had been beaten by Biden in a fraudulent way.

Finally, until today, in the courthouse in Fort Pierce, Florida, before Judge Eileen Cannon, Trump’s lawyers and the federal prosecutors accusing him will face each other for the first time. There is debate over procedural issues that, however, have strong political value: Attorneys for the former president are calling for the trial to be delayed until after the 2024 presidential election arguing that an impartial jury would be impossible in the fiery climate. Campaigning, while Jack Smith’s office objects and requests confirmation that proceedings begin in December.

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