Hyundai wants you to try the 2021 Kona Electric: Three days of test drives for everyone

Just 2 days ago Luigi He was able to tell you Some first impressions while driving Kona Electric 2021. Today Hyundai invites potential customers for a test drive of up to three days In Company Version with 64 kWh battery. initiative Valid from today until December 31, 2021.

The How to join Very simple: just apply for it at one of the Hyundai showrooms or, alternatively, fill out a file It can be accessed through this webpage. After entering the personal data and email, the user will be contacted to specify the test details. The cars will be delivered complete with a charging cable and one will also be provided paper Recharge MyHyundai, to recharge in the columns that are part of the network.

In addition to trying it, for some time we have been talking about the new Korean electric crossover belonging to the B segment: if you are interested in discovering all the details and news, We refer you to our personalized content. The news is mainly about aesthetics, some equipment related to safety and then a series of additions to the multimedia interface, with the new optional 10.25-inch Bluelink.

Quite simply, who is interested in our previous articles now You can sit at the wheel for three days and get your own idea of ​​it.

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