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during The usual conference call with analysts on the 2020 financial resultsThree new models have been announced Ferrari, Including the new hybrid with a V6 that has been spotted on the road multiple times in recent months. The new model, which has been identified internally with Project name 171It will be equipped with six electrified cylinders that will be offered with two levels of energy and will be included in Euro 7 approvals, in order to be fully within the sustainability plans of the car manufacturer Maranello.

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It could be the new Ferrari V6 hybrid 730 horsepowerThis allows it to compete with the latest McLaren supercars that benefit from this electrified configuration. However, it is difficult to understand what the new Wild Horse will look like as long as the Italian brand continues to use a modified 488 as a forklift, leaving no indication of the appearance of the future model. Some mindless acts speak of a Ferrari designed to be the perfect heir to the Dino, bringing back on the road a supercar that evokes one of the most famous models of the Wild Horse’s past. Development of the new V6 hybrid will continue in the coming weeks. This snapshot was captured by Walter Fire of GabetzSpyUnit In the vicinity of Maranello.

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