Hurricane Grace in Mexico, eight dead. In the United States 42 million warnings for Henry

Warning on the northeast coast of United States of America where is theSmash by HenryA Category 1 hurricane, according to meteorologists, will affect the area between them New Britain NS long island, threatening the city Boston It is also at risk New York, indicating the damage caused by Sandy in 2012. Before hitting the ground, Henry already caused massive damage North CarolinaIt wreaked havoc as it passed along the coast. On the Mexico Instead, she actually brought down Grace and took several casualties before she weakened. Andrew CuomoThe New York state’s governor, who is close to resigning because he is accused of sexual harassment, warned citizens above all risks of blackouts and declared a state of emergency.

in danger 42 million people: 6 million affected by the hurricane warning, 36 afraid of heavy floods and strong winds, at a range of 120 kilometers per hour. National Guard men mobilized in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. she was 30 years that area New Britain It was not hit by a hurricane. The most recent was Bob, on the coasts of Massachusetts and Connecticut in 1991. To find such a weather phenomenon along the coasts of long islandInstead, it is necessary to return to Hurricane Gloria Dell 1985.

after the crash Haiti, which was already hit by an earthquake that killed about two thousand people, and blessing agreement It landed in Mexico at least provocatively 8 dead and 3 missing. This was announced by the Governor of the State of Mexico Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez. He added that six of the victims “were swept away by landslides and two others in separate accidents.” In addition to deaths, it is recorded Emergency at least 24 Mexican states. Grace has now lost its power (dropped to tier 1), but Garcia Jimenez And he warned residents: even if the hurricane passed, the emergency was not over.

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