Hungary shuts down the last free radio. And Poland imposes media taxes on

During the Cold War, no one escaped the firepower of the short waves, and the sounds of the Free West circled over the Iron Curtain at frequencies that were so disturbed by the Soviets. Then came 1989, and regimes collapsed, and in Central and Eastern Europe the democratic wave spawned liberal forces and new radios. In Budapest, young Victor Orben made his way to the anti-communist party Fidesz, along with the enthusiastic youth he found years later. Cloverdy, a Radical Radio Magyar who is still hosting on Channel 92.9 heated government criticism. Today is Orben the Prime Minister who made the flag of illiberal democracy, and Sunday, February 14th at midnight CloverdyLast free sound of Hungary, it will turn off the microphones.

The judges rejected the radio’s appeal against the decision of the National Media Authority, which last September suspended the license renewal. The powerful council, established in 2010 (the year of the first Orbn election) and consisting of 5 members appointed by Parliament, had already revoked the permission of the radio to broadcast outside the capital in 2013. It has now stopped due to an administrative delay. Cloverdy He goes online, asks about a new hesitation, and goes to the Supreme Court. The European Union Commission is in contact with the authorities to ensure full compliance with EU regulations and to allow the radio to continue operating. But for years in Hungary, the plurality of information was kept under control, Which was gradually eroded by the 2010 media laws, through ownership changes and editorial mergers.

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In 2018, five hundred newspapers and radio and television stations covering about 40% of the national media’s revenues were converted into a government-controlled maxi conglomerate. The state is the number one advertiser, in a scene where competition is being wiped out and those who invest in advertising elude the few remaining liberal press organs, to avoid retaliation. turning off Cloverdy The dominance of pro-government broadcasters will reach 100% – warns the National Association of Journalists -. An unprecedented truth in Europe. Out of 180 countries in the International Press Freedom Index in 2020, Hungary ranked 89th. In 2006 it was ranked sixth.

The same winds in Poland, where newspapers and broadcasters are mobilizing against a new solidarity tax proposed by the conservative national government To support public finances in time of a pandemic emergency, and in the words of Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki, to compel tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon to do their part. Newspaper website Gazeta and Yeborkza He obscures himself in black, like TVN24 And other TV channels that leave a few words for the audience: Your shows were supposed to be broadcast here.

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