Hungary, “expelled at least 170 pro-NATO Hungarian officers and generals from the armed forces”.

At least 170 pro-NATO Hungarian officers and generals are “hunted” by the armed forces. It’s a complaint Agnes Vaday, The former Undersecretary of Defense in Budapest and proponent of the opposition Dk party has been relaunched by the Hungarian media in the past few hours. The words of the former undersecretary come as various local media reported that the Hungarian Ministry of Defense He began to dismiss hundreds of senior military officers, including generals and colonels, Following a new government decree that would allow the Minister of Defense to unilaterally suspend those who have reached the age of 45 and have at least 25 years of active service, according to news portals and Daily News Hungary.

After the publication of the new legislation, “news soon reached our newspaper that the Minister of National Defense, in exercise of the right conferred by the ordinance, had begun a great purge” among the officers, mass shootings of members of the Defense Staff, Telex wrote. “I learned that 170 generals and officers” have already been relieved of their duties, Vaday said in an interview with ATV, adding that he did not yet know what numbers it would reach, but “I have heard of an order in the thousands.” According to the former Undersecretary of State, “This means that the Hungarian Armed Forces are currently on leave from NATO”, because “the 45-year-old officers and generals are soldiers with international experience, speak languages ​​and socialize within the Alliance”. Vadai also argued that the purpose of the measures would be to ensure political loyalty to the government Victor Urban It henceforth becomes the guideline for the Hungarian Armed Forces.

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