Humphreys celebrates American citizenship with double success in Altenburg, Friedrich remains unbeatable

Ten months after the World Cup, I still Kylie Humphries NS Francesco Friedrich To dominate the races hosted on the track Altenburg, In the third appointment of bobsleigh world cup.

inside feminineUndoubtedly, he was the great protagonist Twice Olympic Champion who gave herself double success To better celebrate waiting United States citizenship, a document that allows you to be at the beginning of a file Beijing 2022 Olympics Competition for the first time on United States of America.

humphries In fact, after he reported violations within the Canadian team (his country of origin), the last time four years Leave Canada and welcome him American team who also participated in The latest world championships, but to be at the beginning of the Olympics, athlete Calgary He should have officially gotten passport American. a bureaucratic evasion Not insignificant, given the Strict regulations in terms of nationalization From the United States of the same humphries decry last summer for the most important American newspapers.

battle Who the North American champion managed to win by appealing California Governor, the official residence of the amateur and her husband Travis Armbruster, Who is the last Thursday Express a positive opinion conferred to humphries which is long overdue The American nationality.

arrived in Altenburg Just one workout after you’re done 17 flying hours Straight from San Francisco, the 36-year-old struggled from Calgary make things right, the win Saturday guide for World Championship of monobob Makes fun of his ex-man and teammate for only 6 cents Cynthia Appiah and German Laura Nolte, then today duplicate grants conquer Always in return The first success seasonal in Bob a duty.


The four times The world champion, accompanied in the race by the brake operator Kaisha love, made a difference inpast stretch Than the final heat, as it was definitely cleaner than the German heat nol Who led after the first round, beating only Teutonic 4 cents. Fantastic weekend for humphries Who got in Altenburg so on 28 profession stamp In the World Cup, fifth on the demanding Saxony trail.

third place 35 cents from top to Canadian Christine De Bruyne, Now a constant presence in the top positions in the standings, which he beat in the second round Kim Kaliki Immediately recovered after overthrow It was fixed the day before at monopop. The other American completes the Big Five Ilana Myers Taylor Which confirms that he doesn’t have a great sense of the German track, the same thing he saw as the protagonist double inversion In the first edition of the Monopop World Championships. Weekend to forget For Olympic Champion mariama jamanca Tenth in two and thirteenth in mono.

setbacks Which is also marked in blue Giada Andreotti, flipped to 9 . curve During the first round of monobob and then flipped over with Tania Vicenzino in get out of higher in the final temperature Bob a duty. Fortunately for both athletes did not suffer physical damage, However, the Saxon gut has proven itself once again very difficult everybody Friulian Who has already put both of them in the 2020 World Cup out of the game after going down. From this difficult weekend, the positive note For the Italian colors it represents The second good proportions from monobob from Andreotti Which one interesting printed eleventh time He was preceded by the Olympic champion jamanca.

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in between men Lasts undisputed lordship from Francesco Friedrich. The hero of Pirna has once again reached his place Double bob for two and bob for four bearing tape consecutive victories In both majors, bobsleigh a class 7. Contrary to the usual in Bob a dutyFriedrich and the brake man Alexander Schuyler They had to work harder than usual to discourage the competition because they stuck in the first round series of errors Chi Li Ha Realty Al third place temporary. in a decisive round However, the Teutonic Association She had no competitors Restore all the previously accumulated separation and conquer 40 success In the two-man bobsleigh for Friedrich.

Second place 24 cents of the leader per Johannes Lochner I’ve always managed to contain an overtaking attempt by competitors with only 3 cents Rostislav Zhitokevich. Fourth place about The autumn, the fifth is positive oatsWhile the excellent performance of the blues Patrick Baumgartner and Robert Mercia from aboard a Bob Belga they hit 1the third place Sign in to the second heat ninth absolute time. A good sign for the South Tyrolean driver after a mediocre start to the season. Baumgartner then with Eric Fantasini and Alex Vergine NS Lorenzo Belotti win encouragement 14th place in the four-man pop game closing weekend race This makes hope in plain sight of Upcoming events Where there is still a long way to go to reach Olympic qualification. Instead, he did not compete. Mattia Variola, which flipped during training Bob Quattro Blue technical staff is preferred To maintain The pilot from Pordenone for the upcoming competitive post.

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in a Bob Quattro Francesco Friedrich had no rivals, cutting nearly 7 tenths to the excellent level Benjamin Mayer And 80 cents for Russian Gaitiukevich. An embarrassing field for the German pop phenomenon who won his career 58 times in the World Cup And that Beijing 2022 Will aim to further engage in Bob’s date Trying to go back in the sledge and bobsleigh process Never worked before Any pilot.

Complete the top five LOCHNER, is able to recover from ninth to fourth place, e family The last driver in the race to contain the gap to less than one second Friedrich.

Next appointment with bobsleigh world cup Due in 7 days to the gut Winterberg, will always be Friedrich’s monologue?

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