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Humpback whale resort in a bay in Australia

the humpback whales Australian women have discovered a new way to relax and take care of their bodies: a cove on the Gold Coast where they can undergo a spa treatment including a full body scrub. The discovery was made by scientists at Griffith University, who published a study on the topic in Marine Science and Engineering at Griffith University.

According to the research, humpback whales use the shallow, sandy areas of the bay to roll in sandy substrates and remove dead skin cells on their journeys south to the cooler waters. Marine ecologist Olaf Meinecke used sticky tags to follow whales migrating south between August 2021 and October 2022 and collected data and footage showing how the whales performed fully and side-rolled to a depth of 49 meters on the offshore sea floor that was once covered with fine sand or debris. .

According to Dr. Meinecke, humpback whales use sand to help moult and thrive Removal of external parasites Like barnacles, they specifically identify areas appropriate for this behavior. Barnacles attach themselves to whales in their early stages of life and whales must remove them frequently to avoid overgrowth that results in loss of energy for them.

The research also revealed that humpback whales can shed some barnacles and skin leather Through surface activity, such as refraction, but not all. Whale skin has been observed shedding during the process of all cylinders identified, and fish such as juvenile silverfish actively feed on whale skin. This procedure can be compared to reef cleaning stations.

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This new discovery shows how animals are able to find natural ways to take care of their bodies and that nature is a complex environment full of surprises. This research was assisted by Sea World Research and Rescue and supported by funding from the Whale Climate Research Programme. Gold Coast Bay is now a major study site for scientists and a home for them rest Humpback whales choose to succumb to Natural spa treatment.

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