Humankind is available since D1 in PC version –

Microsoft announced that Humanity – Developed by Aplitude Studios and published by Sega – Will be available at Xbox Game Pass on PC version Since D1 of the game. Mankind will be released one day August 17.

The human race is a game 4X strategy We will have to “rewrite the whole story of human history from its humble beginnings in the Neolithic period as we leave our mark on the world”. To create our own civilization, we will have to combine 60 historical cultures from antiquity to modern times.

Humanity is a 4X strategy
Humanity is a 4X strategy

Each culture will lead to an almost infinite series of outcomes. We can then define ours Civilization for humanity on the basis of the agreements we will make and through the ethical choices we will make. Each action will determine our fame and the most popular player will win the game. We will also have to show our tactical skills in battle, make scientific discoveries and build an exponentially expanding empire.

Humanity will not be the only strategy game appearing these months Xbox Game Pass. In fact, remember that it will be possible to play from D1 also with Age of Empires 4. Recently, we watched a trailer that revealed naval combat and the Abbasid civilization.

Here, too, is the new thing that mankind has experienced.

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