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Human Rights: With Biden, the United States will return to Geneva

WASHINGTON / GENEVA, February 8 – Deserted under management Donald Trump, Like other international agreements, the United States of America Preparing to re-enter United Nations Human Rights Council. The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, hailed the US decision, saying, “The Council is the primary global forum for addressing a full range of human rights challenges, and its mechanisms and special procedures are essential tools to ensure action and accountability.”

As it came from a “warm welcome” Farnesina: “Italy appreciates the decision and is ready to cooperate to protect and promote respect for human rights in the world.” Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blink He announced his return to Geneva on Twitter, describing the council as “a flawed body that needs to reform its agenda, membership and focus, including the disproportionate focus on Israel,” but he also added that “leaving is not the solution.” In an article in The New York Times, a Biden administration official noted that “the most effective way to reform and improve the boardroom is to get involved” within it.

Trump pulled out ofOrganic him In 2018, it was alleged that he was targeted Israel. Biden had pledged during the election campaign to return to the House to facilitate its review. And according to the New York Times, the move could reopen the confrontation with Trump’s allies, who, according to them, would allow the United States to return to the United Nations to continue to ignore Human rights violations Committed by its members, such as Saudi Arabia, China and Russia.
Nikki Haley, the ambassador to the United Nations at the time the United States left the council, said in recent days that if Biden had returned to a body that “includes dictatorial regimes” he would have dealt a blow to “our fight in defense of human rights. Rights.” (OnuItalia)

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