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located in sicily, Between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, the The largest agricultural park Made in italy. The project combines Electricity production with agricultural crops. The Voltaic Agricultural Garden was born out of a meeting between two private companies: the French company Engy and the American giant Amazon.

Agricultural park between Mazara del Vallo and Marsala

The park was announced in 2021 and is expanding 115 hectares capacity 66 MW. The investment is made possible by a green loan from 100 million euros Funded by CDP, Societé Generale and BNP Paribas.

Clean energy production is associated with the production of grapes, olives, almonds, aromatic and medicinal plants, rosemary, laurel, lavender and asparagus. Entrust the care of the crops to Vivai Zichittella.

A second agricultural voltaic park will soon be established in Paterno

But this is only the first step: the collaboration between Engie and Amazon involves creating a profile The second Voltaic agricultural system in the Catania region, in Paterno. The second plant will produce from 38 megawatts. The two sites will produce in Total 104 MW To whom will he go? It feeds at least 80% of Amazon’s activities in Italy. When both plants are operational, Amazon estimates that they will be able to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 62,000 tons.

“Despite the context of the global crisis, we have continued our decarbonization path towards an energy transition. For us, the Mazara del Vallo agrivoltaic plant is fully consistent with the development strategy in Italy and in the world, ”says Monica Iacono, CEO of Engie Italia .

“We are currently counting on 500 megawatts of renewable installed capacity and our plan aims to reach 2 gigawatts in 2030 between wind and photovoltaic power plants. To achieve these goals, an ongoing and continuous relationship with regions and with central institutions is necessary along with a legislative and regulatory framework Stable and streamlined, hopefully it will be decided soon,” adds Monica Iacono.

The latest generation of solar panels

Cultivated in the Trapani region is A State-of-the-art agricultural voltages It consists of bifacial solar panels mounted on single axis trackers. This technology captures both direct sunlight and light reflected from surrounding surfaces, thus increasing energy output. The use of solar panels and bifacial trackers reduces soil consumption, allowing agricultural production to be combined with clean energy production. The construction of the voltaic plant between Mazara del Vallo and Marsala enabled 150 people to work.

The park was inaugurated on Friday 26 May in the presence of Engie Italia CEO Monica Iacono, Director of Consumer Goods Categories for Amazon Europe Giorgio Busnelli and Deputy Environment Minister Fania Gava.

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