Huge Ferris wheel for Milan

A tall, bright and technological Ferris wheel, from which you can observe the entire Milanese skyline. Like in London with the London Eye, like Wiener Riesenrad on the Prater, Vienna, and like other cities that focus on tourism – Like Florence – Milan has to have its wheels. The idea, not new, was relaunched by Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture in Meloni’s government. He did so by commenting on The Florentine (Christmas) Project.

To the proposal of the Under Secretary, Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala replied that “it is not and cannot be in public administration projects. It is different if a private businessman in a private area asks us for permission”, then “we will investigate the possibility. But I certainly will not allow them to put it At Parco Sempione”. According to Sagarbi, when Sala was general manager of the municipality, he was in favor of building a Ferris wheel in the city. “I don’t think I could tell my youngsters that I support the Ferris wheel,” Sala explained. during the exhibition, not before.”

the London EyeOpened in 2000, it has become the UK’s most popular attraction, receiving around 3.5 million visitors annually. Every New Year’s Eve, at midnight, traditional fireworks are launched in the British capital from the wheel. So it is not surreal to think that such a structure, in Madonnina’s shadow, could attract millions of tourists, just like the Millennium Wheel, as the great “eye” of London is called.

Sgarbi defends San Siro

Speaking of Milan, Undersecretary Sgarbi then spoke about a more substantive issue: the stadium. “San Siro will not be demolished,” the promise once the agents took over, which includes museums, contemporary architecture, and heritage protection. On the Meazza From 2024, the “automatic protection” will be activated on the 70th anniversary of the last “major intervention” in the building.

With this move, the great project of Inter and Milan, which aims to build a new facility in San Siro and demolish the Meazza to create a center for sports and commerce, could deteriorate. The undersecretary said he had tasked Onofrio Catania, Director General of Contemporary Creativity at the Ministry of Culture, with assessing the guidelines for the protection of the Meazza with the Milan superintendent who will be appointed in January 2023.

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