How will payments change with the reopening? A war for money in restaurants, bars and museums

Bars, restaurants, cinemas and museums: How will the payments change When there is at the end Re-opening? As citizens count down to return to life as normally as possible, institutions are working on it Protocols to follow.

between Reboot rules There is also a greater interest in pushing methods: Motivation is Electronic moneyWhether it is by debit card, card or smartphone.

The The war for money It continues, but this time it’s more than just a tool Fight tax evasion It’s a way to prevent coins and banknotes from passing from one hand to the other: a lesser way of transmitting the virus.

How will payments change with the reopening? A war for money in restaurants, bars and museums

The reopening of May will be another step in the fight against the use of cash: according to Salaf Corriere della Sera On April 12th, most payments must be made with electronic money.

For example in RestaurantsAs well as in ribbonIn addition, reservation and spacing are mandatory, you will have to pay directly at the table electronically, i.e. card, ATM or smartphone.

Same goes for Museums and galleriesVisits must be booked online and paid for at the time of booking, in order to avoid cash payments.

Citizens can see it as an extra incentive to enroll in the cashback program, receive 10% compensation for the expenses incurred, in addition to participating in a receipt lottery. The situation is different for the older groups, who are not very used to electronic payments in general.

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To find out more, it will be necessary to wait for the results of the meeting between Minister Franceschini and the Scientific-Technical Committee today April 12, but the process requires different steps: the next date will be on April 20 with the epidemiological evaluation curve, and finally on April 26, the government will write the decree containing all the protocols with Rules and prohibitions for the month of May.

War on cash with reopening: the cap stays at € 2,000

Meanwhile, remember that even in 2021 The maximum cash payment is 2.000 eurosAs in 2020.

A € 2000 limit for monetary transactions has been introduced under the tax decree associated with the 2020 Budget Law.

The cash payment cap is set to lower you further than January 1, 2022, when the new limit is 1,000 euros, thus returning to the level of the Monti government.

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