How will Google services change to please Europe

many services The Google It will be updated soon in order to comply with the latest European consumer protection laws. The company is owned by “the alphabet”In fact, he agreed to make some changes to google store, Google Play StoreAnd Google Hotels and Google Flights. In this regard, the European Commissioner for Justice said, Didier ReyndersI declared: “We see that an increasing number of consumers are turning to the internet to book holidays, make purchases or review advice. EU consumers have the right to clarify and complete information so they can make informed decisions. Google’s commitments are a step forward in this direction.”

Specifically, Google Flights and Google Hotels He will distinguish between the services provided directly by the giant Mountain View Company and those in which it acts as an intermediary for other companies. What’s more, the company will make it clear that the app for hotels does not verify reviews, thus accepting the same transparency commitments made by other platforms like Booking and Expedia.

For the Play Store and Google Store, the changes will affect the introduction Clearer information on delivery costs, right of withdrawal, and availability of repair or replacement optionsWhere available. Further company details, including business names, addresses, and contact information, will also be provided. Among other things, Google will show how to navigate versions of the Google Play Store in other countries and make it easier to access apps across the EU, as well as allow consumers to use payment methods from any EU country.

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at the end, The Company has agreed to limit its right to self-cancel orders or change prices in the Google Store. However, Google is still being monitored by European authorities in connection with Geo-blocking regulations. Indeed, European Commissioner Reynders said: “We require Google to fully comply with geo-blocking regulations, and ensure that consumers can enjoy the same rights and access the same content, wherever they are in the EU.”

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