How to wear knitted and woolen dresses in style and elegance

In the cold, wearing soft, warm clothing makes you feel protected. So even clothing fabrics are temperature-adapted. Knit dresses are ideal for cold temperatures. There are different lengths and types of fabric that adapt to the classic but also sophisticated look.

For some tips on how to wear knitted and cardigan dresses in style and elegance, read on. Thanks to a few simple tricks, you’ll get personalized style.

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Different lengths and different accessories

Knitted dresses have different lengths and styles. Therefore it is preferable to combine certain shoes or accessories. If you buy a knitted dress of medium length, then it will be better to wear knee-high boots. This will give you a slimming effect.

Knee bootsNext, they also suit a long knitted dress. Wearing tights or pantyhose would obviously go with the dress. The socks that can’t be seen from under the dress are also good.

For the top, the best effect of long dresses is obtained with coats or shawls of the same length. A little shorter at most. Wearing a longer coat wouldn’t make any sense. On the contrary, for long dresses, something that reaches the hips is better. Either way, it is best not to choose a down jacket that pulls the dress.

Short knitted dresses are nothing more than long shirts. So it can be used with or without pants underneath. In the event that you decide to wear it without it, the eyes will fall on the legs. Choose a cute pair of socks and ankle boots Ankle boots Or even sneakers. Even jeans make themselves up, as long as they are tight or skinny.

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How to wear knitted and woolen dresses in style and elegance

As for the accessories. Long dresses like to be broken with belts, belts, ribbons, etc. Medium length dress can also look good with belt. The important thing is not to get a “curled” effect. The belt should allow the dress to fall off smoothly.

Short dresses love clutches and bags with long shoulder straps. While long dresses can be divided into larger and oversized bags. Earrings and necklaces? Use the opposite rule: a long dress with small earrings, a short dress with long earrings and necklaces.

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