How to watch the UEFA Champions League Final: Where to watch BT Sport Stream for free from Liverpool and Real Madrid


If European football really had a high table, Liverpool and Real Madrid would surely be among those eating, with the latter likely to be on top.

Real Madrid is the ‘King of Europe’, and this claim is hard to challenge as it has won the European Cup 13 times.

This rich history spans throughout the competition, as they won their first five editions from 1956 to 1960, and most recently won the Champions League four times in five years between 2014 and 2018.

The last victory came at the expense of Liverpool, as the confrontation on Saturday re-established the 2018 Champions League final, which Real won 3-1.

Liverpool, and Mohamed Salah in particular, are keen on revenge, because despite their victory over Europe a year later by winning the European Cup for the sixth time, the bitter taste of that defeat still lingers on the red side of Merseyside.

This time around, bookmakers are making Jurgen Klopp’s men the favourites, and while that brings new pressure with him, Klopp is firmly putting this mark on his opponents.

“They are now the top candidates with all their experience and all that kind of thing,” Klopp said earlier this month.

“We are more experienced than we probably were, but it is clear that they cannot be compared. There are still many players for them and us, and that is also a good sign.”

As Klopp points out, he thinks Liverpool are in a better position than they were four years ago, but that experience will be put to the test against a Real Madrid side that outlasted Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City in the knockout stage. Phase. , with the draw in the final and the winners define this unstoppable attitude and European know-how that cannot be bought.

What is the date of the 2022 Champions League final?

The 2022 UEFA Champions League Final will start at 8pm (GMT) on Saturday 28th May.

How to watch the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final

British spectators will be able to watch Liverpool and Real Madrid in the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final on BT Sport 1 from 6pm.

Can I watch a free live stream of the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final?

You can watch a live broadcast of the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final on BT Sport’s YouTube channel here.

The final will also be available for free at and via the BT Sport app on devices including PlayStation, Xbox and smart TVs.

PSG, Chelsea and City could have claimed to be the better team during the glorious periods of their double relationship with Real Madrid, but with Ballon d’Or star Karim Benzema leading the way the Spanish champions made their way to Paris.

“These feelings will remain for life because our journey in the Champions League has not been easy,” said Benzema, who has scored 15 goals in the competition this season, with one game remaining to equalize or break the record of 17 goals in one match. Cristiano Ronaldo election campaign.

We played against PSG: they were the favourites. We played against the defending champion, Chelsea. We played against the Manchester City team that reached the final last year. So it shows that we are a great team. [All this] It shows that we do not give up, that we have mental strength; A strong team that, with the help of our fans, can turn any situation around.”

Also striking in Real Madrid’s prowess in Europe is that they rarely reach second place, scoring 13-3 in the final and their last defeat in 1981.

That’s exactly what happened against Liverpool in Paris, the host city for Saturday’s match, which means it’s not just the 2018 final that we can expect to see in the preparations.

Well alert, at the 1-1 draw when these two teams met in the European Cup finals, few can confidently predict how this battle of the treble will go, but many are eager to know.


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