How to understand if you have been blocked by a user on WhatsApp

In the age of Instagram and WhatsApp, social interactions sometimes occur primarily through social networks. The latter allows users to protect themselves by blocking harassing contacts or people they no longer wish to do business with.

When you get banned, you do not receive any alerts from WhatsApp. However, it is enough to use some simple clues to understand if this has happened. In this guide we will see how to understand if you have been blocked by a user of this application. The first clue that might make you think you’ve been blocked is a message that’s been marked with one gray check for hours or days and you haven’t received a response. Therefore, the recipient not only read the message, but did not even reach them.

However, this is not enough to make sure that you have been blocked. The contact may not receive the message because they do not have a range, their mobile phone is switched off, or they are in a state of assistance because they are damaged. Precisely for this reason, in order to have complete certainty, it is advisable to pay attention to other clues as well.

How to understand if you have been blocked by a user on WhatsApp

Another clue is the inability to view both the profile picture and the time and date of access. If you managed to do this a few hours ago, it is likely that you have been blocked.

Trying to contact the contact on WhatsApp, by clicking on the phone at the top right of the chat, is a way to check if you have been blocked. In this case, the application will not allow you to make the call. Finally, you can try to add the user to the WhatsApp group. If the warning “You are not allowed to add this contact” appears, in conjunction with the other factors mentioned, it is very likely, if not certain, that this user has blocked you.

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