How to tell if they are cheating us

Watch out for scams on electricity and gas bills. So let’s get into the details and together see how to recognize phishing attempts.

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From cooking food to watching different TV shows, we often find ourselves taking actions that inevitably end up having a certain impact on the final cost. Electricity and gas bills. On the other hand, it is precisely the latter among the elements that have the greatest impact on the family budget.

Therefore, given its importance, it is not surprising that many people pay special attention, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. However, the trap is always around the corner scammers Always ready to deceive the unfortunate person on duty with frauds that have been studied down to the smallest detail. So let’s get into the details and see how to tell if they are cheating on us.

Bills alert, they scam us with electricity and gas: watch out for various scam attempts

starting from Parcel scam blocked Even fake shopping vouchers, there are many scam attempts to beware of. Unfortunately, they are the ones who often end up in the crosshairs of scammers Electricity and gas bills, enough to sound a real alarm.

Based on what emerges from research by the observatory, the purpose of scammers is to obtain password, but also personal or financial data and any other information that may allow it lug Unfortunately in service.

Most of these tricks are performed by Mail. The latter always includes a file Link, through which the recipient of the message is invited to provide his data. Therefore, it is by providing supply data that unwanted electricity and gas contracts are activated.

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However, in other cases, scammers inform the recipient of the message that they must Pay a late bill In order to avoid power outages. In fact, it is just a trap, through which they try to obtain the data of the victim’s payment instruments. In addition to emails, among the preferred means for fraudsters to extort money from the unfortunate person on duty short message, with messages inviting you to click a link. Also in this case, performing the required operation leads to falling into the trap.

Don’t forget the Door-to-door scams, which sees fictitious sellers proposing to change the supply contract. Finally remember the tricks through call center, where the bad guys try to utter the words “yes” or “I confirm”, then make a mock recording. Thanks to the latter, it seems that the user has already agreed to activate a new contract, even if in reality this is not the case.

Electricity and gas bill scams: Here’s how to protect yourself

As we’ve seen, unfortunately, there are plenty of scam attempts to watch out for. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into the trap, we always remember that Never share supply identification codes with anyone, such as POD and PDR.

You obviously don’t have to. Don’t sign anything Without reading the full text first, just as it is not necessary Never pay cash For the so-called power representatives door to door. In the event of suspicious phone calls, never give definite answers.

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As for emails and SMS, don’t click Never on untrusted links Above all, never provide information regarding your personal data or your means of payment.

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