How to tell good honey from low quality honey: Here’s what to watch out for, look inside the jar

There is a real alarm about fake honey across Europe, and analyzes have highlighted a very sensitive issue of widely used food.

Honey is an ally health But it should be used with extreme caution, especially when buying in a supermarket. Only pure and natural is actually positive for the body, others are not and can lead to consumption of products whose existence is completely ignored.

How to identify good honey (Grantennistoscana)

Italy It boasts a large honey trade but is only partially produced, and most of what is for sale on the shelves comes from other European countries or from abroad.

How to identify good and fake honey

to learn identify High quality honey It is the best way to not get into trouble and just consume food rich in nutrients which are the panacea for the body. We use it for sore throats, to sweeten drinks for children, which is why it’s essential to read the label.

High quality honey
Learn about the best types of honey (Grantennistoscana)

Performed analyses from Olaf The European Anti-Fraud Office identified a worrying issue: in 46% of the jars on sale there were not only honey but other ingredients. We are talking about half of the products, which is a significant figure. “Fake” honey comes from China, Turkey and even Great Britain. In the latter case, the honey is processed in the country but not directly produced so it is bought, packaged and then resold.

honey production in Italy It was 23,000 tons for 2022 but a similar average is the one bought from other countries for sale. Therefore, the consumer must pay close attention because eliminating the problem is not easy at all. First of all, she prefers products that were made in the region, so the phrase “Italian honey” appears specifically. It is not recommended to buy honey that comes from countries outside the European Union, it is better to choose Italian or European honey.

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in the analyzed jars External sugar syrup was present Which is not produced by bees, but sugar is added to it to increase the volume of honey and thus achieve greater profit. To find valid honey, you need to check its origin, preferring organic companies, but also visualizing the compound carefully. Pure honey is not liquid, it is very thick and tends to crystallize. What looks least inviting on the shelf is best. In fact, this means that it has not been refined, which is necessary to preserve its properties Quality.

To take a test just put one droplet On the finger, if it tends to fall off, this means that it is not natural honey, and if it remains very thick, then it is. These are some small but mandatory things to avoid financing illegal trade and, above all, the use of fake products.

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