How to take a hot shower in winter without any cost

The international situation that has arisen has had very serious consequences. It is among this the staggering increase in energy and raw material costs that one of its main goals is to save as much on the bill as possible. In this regard, let’s figure out how to take a hot shower in the winter practically without any cost, which significantly reduces consumption.


Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Thermal solar panels with tank

Save on your bill Thus reducing the impact of the international emergency on the pockets of families and businesses is possible. Among the most relevant, recommended and used solutions is Exploiting renewable energy sources for energy production. This is how sunlight, wind power and water, among other options, grab everyone’s attention as they can be used to reduce consumption and protect the family economy.

With me thermal solar panelsin particular, it is possible Using the energy captured by the sun’s rays to produce hot water To be used, then, at home, for example To take a hot bath even in the middle of winter, saving a lot. It is not wrong to say that it is possible to do it practically without cost, which is also why, especially with the approach of winter and with the expected sting, many are wondering what solar panels for hot water are, what are their advantages and costs. Here, then, to illustrate this would be our goal today!

Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Thermal solar panels on an inclined roof

Save on your bill: take a hot shower in winter for free

Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Straight Thermal Solar Panels

The thermal solar panels Also known as Solar panels for hot water production. So it is no coincidence that today they are considered one of the best options for taking a nice hot bath in the winter without spending almost anything (or in any case with a much lower consumption of “traditional” energy sources). These paintings have the ability to Converting solar radiation into heat energy To be used in the production of hot water but not only. In fact, it is also useful for solar home heating and cooling.

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While the classic PV panels we are used to seeing are designed to produce electricity, thermal panels produce hot water which is why they are different from each other. I There are two types of solar panels to choose fromBased on The type of trading they are taking advantage of:

  • naturalbased on the physical principle that a hot body tends to move upward (particularly suitable for private);
  • forced, where trading is “pushed” precisely because of the larger capacity required. It is actually a more convenient system for buildings, restaurants, hotels, and the like.

Therefore, to take a shower with hot water in the winter, and save on bills, we can count on these devices. Just choose according to our needs, maybe Get advice from an expert in the sector.

Thermal solar panels: what advantages do they guarantee?

Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Roof covered with thermal solar panels

The thermal solar panels Therefore, it is the best alternative for producing (or heating) hot water at home by exploiting all the potential of renewable sources. This is, without a doubt, the first advantage that stems from its installation, but it is easy to say because we are talking about the function for which these systems are designed. In any case, we can identify at least 3 other useful aspects that will make us think and fully consider the installation of these panels. especially:

  • Thermal solar panels allow you Save a lot on your billalso thanks to the incentives designed by Sgtato for its installation and the fact of being able to deduct expenses;
  • There is no environmental pollution Because solar thermal panels do not emit carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases;
  • Installation of panels of this type means Increase the energy class in our home With all the resulting benefits.
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How much hot water can we produce with solar thermal panels?

Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Thermal solar panels on the balcony

One of the most frequently asked questions when talking about him thermal solar panels It’s about The amount of hot water that can be produced through its use. The answer is not unique since then Not all paintings are alike Their performance must be commensurate with their particularities. So it turns out that for a slightly more accurate estimate It is necessary to look at what the label is Accompanying each device, inside you will find essential information to understand performance.

What data do we need to pay more attention to? Let’s find out together!

  • visual efficiencyor how much the system can produce when there is no heat loss;
  • Loss parametersor how efficient the system is at considering the state in which it is operating.

Generally, Lowering these two values ​​corresponds to a greater return From a thermal point of view, therefore, the possibility of producing a larger amount of hot water.

What is the cost of installing solar thermal panels systems?

Saving on Your Bill: How to Take a Hot Bath in Winter Without Cost
Installing thermal solar panels

Among the things that in the past hindered families the most from installing systems (photovoltaic or thermal) is their cost, which is very high. However, upon closer examination, The initial investment is recovered fairly quickly Thanks to those much lower consumptions that allow us to save on the bill in a very big way. Basically, however, There are three factors that affect costs related Thermal solar panel prices.

It is necessary, in fact, to be taken into account How much and how our roof tilts and turns The panels will be installed here and different inclinations or exposures can affect the panels. Also to consider Whether we live in the North or the South Since the sun’s rays here have a greater strength than the strength of the north. Finally, also rate Extent of climate change It can have a significant impact as the refraction of the rays on the panels is affected.

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Remove these more objective aspects, evaluations must also begin to determine prices The size of the plant we need. These, in fact, should fit the needs of our family: systems that are too large, as well as too small, will be practically useless. Once you know all these details, it will be possible Request a personal quote Thus, in as much detail as possible.

GenerallyHowever, to answer the question we initially asked ourselves, natural circulation systems (and therefore families) are cheaper than forced circulation systems. If for the former, infdatti, we’re talking about the numbers included Between 500 and 90 euros per square metreFor the latter, spending rises to About 1000 Euros per square meter. All in the face of a We will save on the invoice indifferent Who talks about low consumption about 450 euros per year. result: About 80% of the cost of hot water is consumed. This is why a nice hot shower in winter with solar thermal panels costs almost zero!

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Now that everything is clearer, what do you say to review the photos that we suggested to you on this interesting, and much more, current topic?

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