How to run Android Auto wirelessly with AAW wireless

For years, technology has become a constant presence in the passenger compartment of cars of all classes and types. However, the use of high-tech devices inside the passenger compartment is not always “accessible to everyone”.

wireless With the aim of changing – and above all, simplifying – motorists’ lives by allowing them to wirelessly transform Android Auto without wasting much time. Little Dongle for Android AutoMore than two years after its launch on the crowdfunding portal Indiegogo, it can finally be purchased without major problems even by Italian users. The manufacturer’s store is actually now It can also be accessed from our countryAt a very attractive cost. Transferring Android Auto wirelessly costs only €89.99.

How to run Android Auto wirelessly

Android Auto Like the iPhone counterpart Apple CarPlay, it’s a platform that lets you sync your smartphone with the car’s infotainment system, and through a dedicated interface, you can access most of the apps installed on the device (from navigation apps to entertainment, and traffic from those instant messages). So you are allowed Use the phone without handsAvoid unnecessary distractions and improve safety behind the wheel. To do this, you can use a USB cable connected to the car jack or the vehicle’s wireless connection (although not all cars allow this).

AAW wireless is exactly this: Play Android Auto wirelessly Although, originally, it was necessary to use a USB cable to synchronize the Google platform with the car’s infotainment system. The Android Auto dongle creates a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network inside the car and acts as a “bridge” between your mobile phone and your car’s multimedia system.

Simply connect the AAW wireless to one of the car’s USB ports, download the Android mobile app and follow the on-screen configuration procedure. In a matter of minutes, it will be possible to start using Android Auto without having to take the smartphone out of your pockets or purse. Once the procedure is complete, the dongle can be placed inside the glove box in the center compartment or in an area of ​​the passenger compartment where it cannot be seen. Just keep it connected to a USB port to continue using Android Auto wirelessly.

Don’t worry too much about AAW wireless consumption. Even leaving it plugged into a USB socket with the car turned off, there is no danger of the car battery running out. Also you can read on the official website, the dongle for Android Auto It consumes between 90 mA and 330 mA And unless you leave the car stationary for more than two weeks, you won’t have any problems restarting the car.

AAW wireless: Compatible cars

real list of Wireless compatible car models not available. However, by sifting through the dongle official website FAQ for Android Auto, it turns out Works with all vehicles Compatible with the in-vehicle infotainment system developed by Google. Or, at least, it should work without major problems. In short, if you are already using Android Auto by connecting your smartphone with a USB cable, you can purchase AAW wireless without worry, so you can quickly and easily convert Android Auto wirelessly.

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