How to retire at the age of 55 without interruption in INPS checks

To understand how to retire at 55 without cutting INPS allowances, it is necessary first and foremost to assess who has the potential. In fact, to stop working and enjoy social security treatment, it is necessary to reach retirement age and have specified seniority in contributions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a personal data requirement and insurance requirements that require payment of the contribution. To find out the amount of the contribution in detail, see the article ”How many years of INPS contributions can you retire at age 55 or 56? “.

The most feared thing when choosing a pension advance is that the pension premium is particularly low. Many workers sacrifice years of service in order to ensure a sufficient pension rate for the needs of the elderly. Expecting to give up work for several years can actually lead to cuts and severely punish your previous standard of living. It is therefore advisable to inquire about how to retire at the age of 55 without interruption in INPS checks. In fact, this makes it possible to take advantage of the opportunity to receive a pension without having to give up a large or less part of the monthly amount.

How to retire at the age of 55 without interruption in INPS checks

Those who enter retirement only at age 55 usually have a long career behind them. In fact, only a worker who has paid more than 40 years of contributions can bear this Social Security advance interest. Compared to 42 years and 10 months for men and 4 years and 10 months for women, it is actually possible to retire regardless of the age at which the application is sent. Therefore, it is clear that whoever demands a pension at the age of 55 and has this contribution and seniority in service, then there is no need to fear any penalties.

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So social security benefits for a 55-year-old worker will not be penalized with 41 or 42 despite his young age. Also a social security scale Class 41 Provides the possibility of giving up work at the age of 55 without cuts. This is because the beneficiaries of this retirement channel are early workers with at least 12 months of contributions before the age of 19. After a long history of contribution, equal to 41 years, even workers who choose a quota of 41 do not experience reductions in the amount. In essence, these pension measures do not entail economic losses because they assume a contribution amount of over 40 years as a prerequisite.

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