How to redeem savings-

From June 21, the Italian Post Office will extinguish all postal books deemed inactive because they have not been used in the past 10 years. These are policies, checks, savings books and unchanged accounts with a balance greater than 100 euros. Those that will be amortized as of June 21 are the postal books that have been declared inactive as of November 30, 2021.

List of idle brochures

Anyone who is afraid of an idle brochure can check it List of brochures prepared for closing on the website of the Italian Post Office. Brochures are sorted according to the post office identification number where they were opened (eg 01/101 Alessandria Center). To find a brochure more easily, you can use the search tool and enter your post office identification number, the company explains.

What to do to get the money back

List brochure holders must go to any post office by October 20, 2022 to give instructions and allow their brochure to be registered. After this date and in the absence of instructions from the owner, the Poste Italiane will have to proceed with the extinction of the pamphlet. The fact that the ledger has been amortized does not mean that you have lost your savings. In fact, owners have 10 years to claim the contents of the brochures. Refund requests must be submitted to Consap Spa online Or by registered letter with the return receipt to the company’s headquarters.

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