How to reach Superbonus 110% if no discount ability?

Superbonus lets you take advantage of the benefit 110% by deducting your tax return over five years, at a discount on the invoice or upon assignment of credit. But how do you get 110% Superbonus if there is no discount ability? Legislation makes it clear that people who are unable, and who undertake interventions granting the right to use Superbonus, have access to Discount on invoice or tax credit transfer. These two methods can be chosen regardless of tax capacity.

Who are the incompetent?

By incompetence we mean natural persons (commercial activities, arts and professions are excluded) who, even those who fall within the interventions that give the right to a premium, do not have the ability of the tax to benefit from the discount. This means that the net tax has been completely absorbed by the tax deductions due.

How to reach Superbonus 110% if no discount ability?

As specified above, natural persons who are called “incapable” can benefit from Privileges 110% Superbonus through direct debit on the invoice or transfer of tax credit.

Therefore, instead of a tax deduction, the beneficiary can choose a deduction equal to the amount of the invoice, which is applied directly by the supplier to the maximum amount to be paid.

On the other hand, the supplier can use the discount obtained in the form of a tax credit or transfer it in turn to the banks and middlemen.

Or, the incapable party could choose the tax credit option by waiving the banks or financial intermediaries. Moreover, a balance transfer can be done on a per-stage basis.

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Contact the revenue agency to allocate credit and debit on the invoice

How to reach Superbonus 110% if no discount ability? To make the bill discount or balance transfer, you must send a letter to the revenue agency.

The submission can be done directly by the beneficiary through the revenue agency portal with credentials or SPID. Or contact CAF or qualified professionals.

In the case of condominiums, the admin is responsible for sending the connection to AdE. If the condominium individual chooses to allocate credit, he must notify the administrator.

After sending the report, the agency issues a receipt for acceptance or rejection of the application within five days. It is possible to send a new connection by canceling the previously sent connection.

It should be noted that the legislation provides for sworn certificates and compliance visas, which certify the existence of conditions that give the right to deduct.

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