How to paint a wooden gazebo that has been damaged by rain and wind and has an impeccable balcony that makes our neighbors envy

We are ready for the opening of the summer season with outdoor aperitifs and dinners. Our balcony is the perfect place to invite friends and family. It is definitely safer than closed space at the moment. So we have to roll up our sleeves and contemplate the porch we have slightly overlooked this winter. Bad weather has definitely ruined our beloved wooden gazebo. But do not worry. It can be renewed without spending a lot of money. Let’s see how.

We always check the cover sheet

We’re so focused on the hull that’s lost its paint that we’re forgetting something fundamental. Coverage. Most people have these structures on the balcony or in the garden. Fairly light wooden gazebos with a waterproof sheet over them. Generally white. However, due to bad weather, it often gets punctured or torn. So before we move on to restoring the structure let’s check it well. It may need to be corrected or changed.

How to paint a wooden gazebo that has been damaged by rain and wind and has an impeccable balcony that makes our neighbors envy

Now let’s get to the real job. Before starting let’s remove the top sheet, so we can also tackle the upper structure. Now we need sandpaper. All old and damaged paints must first be removed. If it is repainted above, we will get bad result. Not to mention the wasted work, because after a while we will find ourselves with the same problem. We use coarse sandpaper or if we have sandpaper Sander. Then we remove the dust from the surface, just a dry rag.

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Firstly, the preventer and protection from the elements

Without these steps, our gazebo wouldn’t last long outside. And we will have to take it back every year!

We buy the right products at any hardware store or DIY store. We apply a layer of impregnating agent against woodworms, moths and molds. Drying takes about 6 hours. Then we pass the protection, which is usually an oil that creates a protective layer. It will take another 5 hours to dry. And now we can apply paint or polish. We choose glossy or matte according to our tastes. We always start from top to bottom to avoid dripping. Allow it to dry well before putting the cap back on and go!

Here’s how to paint a wooden gazebo damaged by rain and wind and have a flawless gazebo that your neighbors will envy. Now that the tree is like new, let’s think about the plants. If we want to avoid prying eyes, then let’s consider precaution. We’ve already talked about it in This article.

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