How to obtain reimbursement from the Revenue Agency based on 730?

It is not always tax To claim loans against us but the opposite can also happen. And this is exactly what happens when, in accumulating the annual income, we find that we have a balance to be taken. In particular, when contacting an accountant or other broker, for an offer Model 730 This will calculate the tax owed and the amounts actually paid totreasury. All this taking into account the expenses to be deducted. In this way, it will be possible to ascertain whether the taxpayer has debts or credit to the tax authorities.

In the latter case, one wonders, “How can one obtain compensation from the Revenue Agency on the basis of 730?”. Incidentally, it should be known that the methods of obtaining a refund depend on the presence or absence of a withholding agent between the worker and the treasury. The same, in fact, will advance the sum to the first, and then recover it from the second.

How to get a refund 730

Well, to answer the question: “How to get reimbursement from the Revenue Agency on a 730 basis?” Let’s get into more details on the topic in question. It was clarified that compensation 730 is an amount of money the worker is entitled to from the tax authorities, as it was overpaid during the year. Usually, it is not caused by the mistakes of the withholding agent but rather by the surpluses that result from providing the relevant supporting documents Expenses are deductible. Hence, as expected, the procedure for obtaining the refund depends on the presence or absence of the withholding agent. In the first case, the taxpayer can keep the payment, directly from the employer or the pension institution, in the pay slip or in the pension.

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However, if the refund is not paid, despite the presence of a tax withholding agent, the taxpayer may send the relevant application to the revenue agency. In this case, it is necessary to attach the application to a certificate in which the employer or the pension institution declares that they did not order payment. However, in the premise where there is no withholding agent, because the person does not have a job or is self-employed, the reimbursement will be requested directly from the revenue agency that will provide it by bank transfer.

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