How to download the digital car license on your mobile phone and take advantage of all its advantages now

A driver’s license is a very important document that certifiesDriving skills Certain types of vehicles and ensure the recognition of their owner. It is essential to always have this document with you in order to avoid incurring penalties, even if they are of a major economic nature.

It will soon be easier to avoid unpleasant mistakes thanks to the introduction of a digital driver’s license. With the aim of digitizing documents, the European Commission and the Italian government have decided to accelerate the implementation of the digital driving license, and according to forecasts, this could become available as early as 2023. But what are the main changes introduced by the digital driving license? Let’s see in this article:

  • Digital car license and how to download it to your mobile phone
  • What are the advantages of a digital car license

Digital car license and how to download it to your mobile phone

Digital driver’s licenseThe electronic equivalent of a traditional driving licence In paper and plastic form. It retains all the information and properties of a traditional document. This project has been under discussion for several years, but by 2023 it could finally be realized. The digital driver’s license is stored in a trusted and secure mobile application and can be viewed as an identification document to anyone authorized to view it.

drivers They will no longer need to carry the paper document with them. The digital driver’s license features a QR code that allows access to all data of the holder and the driver’s driving certificate, which simplifies the usual monitoring procedures by the relevant authorities.

digital license It will be available through the IO app, which requires download and installation. It is an Italian application developed and managed by PagoPA SpA, a public company, with the aim of facilitating communications between public bodies and citizens, and simplifying procedures and payments related to public services.

The app is free Once installed, you need to log in with your Spid (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) or your electronic identity card. After logging in for the first time, each login will require biometric authorization, such as facial recognition or a fingerprint, depending on the capabilities of the device used.

What are the advantages of a digital car license

there Digitization of driver’s license orIt offers many advantages. It greatly reduces the risks of document loss, theft, forgery and damage. The license is always available to the user, regardless of the device used. Simply access the app with your personal credentials to view the document.

All the License related information, such as document status, expiration date, and available points, are updated in real time. The owner can track this information simply by accessing the app.

with a digital driver’s license, Improves communication between public bodies and citizens. Drivers will receive notifications directly on their smartphone regarding impending document deadlines, payments to be made (such as car tax), renewals and pending penalties. The level of security is high for all types of driver’s license, as access to the app is only allowed through an approved digital identity system, such as a Spid or an Electronic Identity Card (Cie).

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