How to do it and what documents are required

Univa Substitute Declaration is the document containing the personal information, income and assets necessary to describe the economic position of a family unit to obtain the ISEE Index. Let’s see what procedure to follow and what documents to collect.

there DSU (Individual Alternative Declaration) is the document required to be able to apply for ISEE model: In fact, it contains all personal information, income, and information on movable and immovable property necessary to describe the economic situation of the family unit.

Let’s see in detail what a file Procedure to be followed to obtain an ISEE Documents required for a DSU Dispute Resolution Agreement.

ISEE and DSU 2022: Action

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Required of citizens interested in obtaining government rewards and privileges Introducing the new ISEE model By January 31, 2022because this indicator is systematically valid until December 31 of each year.

For ISEE purposes, it is necessary to produce a file One alternative adthe document containing the personal information, income and assets necessary to describe the economic status of the family unit for which the ISEE index for subsidized social benefits application is obtained.

there DSU 2022 It can be redirected:

  • Online, on the portal;
  • physically in INPS regional offices;
  • to me common;
  • toThe body that pays the subsidized social benefit;
  • to me AdequateTax Assistance Centers.

DSU: Documents to be submitted

Office workers who organize data storage

The Documents required to fill out the Individual Alternative Advertisement 2022In accordance with current legislation, data from two years ago, and therefore 2020 data, is used as a reference. Here is the full list:

  • Identity document and tax code of the headquarters;
  • tax law for all family members;
  • any lease agreement and copy of the last rent paid;
  • Model 730 or Single and CUD models;
  • Certificates or other documents evidencing remuneration, compensation, social security, welfare treatments, exempt income for Irpef purposes, income generated abroad, scholarships and/or scholarships, and maintenance allowances for spouses and children;
  • IRAP declaration in the case of agricultural entrepreneurs;
  • Bank or postal deposits, ledgers, government securities, bonds, stocks, BOTs, CCTs, interest-bearing bonds, mutual funds, savings insurance forms and any other form of movable asset management, including those located abroad;
  • The type and identification number of the asset relationship, the tax code of the bank or asset management company, reference dates for the asset relationship;
  • The average annual balance of bank and/or post office deposits;
  • Shareholders’ equity resulting from the most recent financial statements presented, or the sum of final inventories and depreciable assets after deducting depreciation (only for employees and private companies);
  • cadastral certificates, notarized sales and / or inheritance and / or other documents relating to real assets, even if they are held abroad (buildings, agricultural land, construction areas);
  • Notarized deed for real estate donation;
  • Certificate of residual mortgage principal provided for the purchase and/or construction of owned real estate;
  • License plate details or registration in PRA and/or RID for vehicles with engines of a displacement equal to or greater than 500 cc, for ships and pleasure boats, owned on the date the declaration was filed.
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In case DisabilitiesAlso, you need to add disability certificate With the following data:

  • The name of the body that issued the certificate;
  • Document number;
  • date of issuance of the certificate;
  • Certificates of any expenses paid for hospitalization in residential facilities and/or for personal assistance.

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