How to dispense with thermal insulation

For those who wish to benefit from the 110% Superbonus but cannot carry out interventions on the thermal insulation system, there is an exception. Let’s see in detail how it works in this particular case.

The Super Bonus 110% Is the tax advantage that consists of deductible 110% of expenditures incurred to achieve specific interventions aimed atEnergy Efficiencyto me fixed uniformity or for Reducing earthquake risks for buildings.

Many of those who benefit from Super Bonus 110% Chose Coat thermal. However, in cases where this is not possible, there are Exceptions. Let’s see together in detail.

Superbonus 110%: a breakthrough in energy without thermal insulation

Works and construction

tax deduction from Super Bonus 110%it is actually expected for apartments in condominiumalso without coatWhen it is not possible to interfere in the building according to the law. This is because when the building is considered Historicalinsulation interferences are not allowed, otherwise it may lead to property change decor Architect.

Explain how the energy jump of the Superbonus is possible, in the indicated case, attention to compliance with Included 30% SALwhich must be respected September 30, 2022.

How does the thermal insulation system work


Main business recognized for Super Bonus 110% It’s those related to the thermal layer, that should be of use More than 25% of the building’s total dispersal area. The materials used must comply with the sustainability directives and the minimum environmental standards set by the decree of October 11, 2017. The expenditure limits for the thermal insulation system are:

  • 50000 Euro for single-family buildings or for real estate units located within multi-family buildings that are functionally independent and have one or more independent entrances from the outside;
  • 40 thousand euros Multiplied by the number of real estate units that make up the building for two to eight real estate units;
  • €30,000 Multiplied by the number of real estate units that make up the building for buildings consisting of more than eight real estate units.
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There are also interventions on the common parts of the buildings, to be used to replace winter and summer refrigeration air conditioning systems.

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